40 Days of Lies

February 26, 2016 in General

The radical, prohibitionist anti-abortion and antigay organisation “Right to Life New Zealand” is making a nuisance of itself, alongside with other conservative Catholics and fundamentalist Protestants, outside New Zealand’s abortion clinics over the next month or so, even given that their sanctimonious posturing does nothing except annoy people. Granted, they have the right to free speech, and granted, at least they haven’t reverted to the grandstanding abortion clinic invasions of the failed Operation Rescue protests of the eighties and nineties. At times, Right to Life seems to be off in a parallel universe of its own, stuck in the Muldoon era of the seventies, where there was greater Christian religious observance than there now thankfully is. Happily, the New Zealand anti-abortion lobby has been shrivelling up for quite some time as its members age, become infirm or forgetful, then pass away, or emigrate. This cheap, derivative stunt is an attempt to regain flagging support for their marginal, dying cause.

Not unnaturally, the antiabortionist stunt has generated some response from pro-choice organisations like the Abortion Law Reform Association of New Zealand. Right to Life frothed at the mouth over someone else demonstrating their right to reciprocal free speech and daring to provide a supportive presence for women seeking terminations and their partners at the clinics, for ALRANZ is undertaking counterpicketing. RTL raved:

It is disappointing that ALRANZ, a small (sic) pro-[choice] anti-feminist [sic!] organisation is opposed to prayers for an end to [abortion]…This organisation is conducting a campaign of forty days of harassment [sic] of those praying in these vigils. There has been verbal abuse, theft of signs and prayer material.

Does Right to Life have any concrete evidence that ALRANZ has engaged in such activities? If not, then this may constitute defamation of the organisation and its members. Meanwhile, on the ALRANZ website itself, the report on their own activities was somewhat more sedate. The picketers seem quiet, orderly and female. Oddly enough (or not), virtually all of the anti-abortionists seem to be elderly males. Anti-feminist?? Excuse me, the anti-abortion lobby campaigned against the Working Womens Charter, the UN Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women, child sexual abuse prevention services and the Family Planning Association itself over the last forty years. In what way is that “feminist?” What sort of ‘feminist’ wants to prohibit abortion and insure impoverished women die from backstreet abortions? Why don’t these elderly misfit blokes toddle off into retirement and stop misbehaving?

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