Review: Loose Dick Kiddies Show

February 13, 2016 in General

LDKS picA word of warning for the easily offended: The Loose Dick Kiddies Show is probably not for you.

It was a sign of things to come when the organiser got back in touch to make sure we knew that our tickets were to an offensive R18 show. I wasn’t disappointed.

The LDKS crossed almost every boundary there was to cross, poking fun at issues such as racism and sexism with disgusting ditties about rape, incest and child sex abuse, while ripping off traditional children’s TV shows 1970s-style. Definitely not for the faint-hearted.

Back-up characters included Brown Beaver, Lilly the Lesbian, and Pat the pre-op Postman. The show went for low-hanging fruit, with gags along the lines of “would you like to stroke my beaver”, and “I deliver the mail, but I want to be a female…”

Some of the humour in this show somewhat missed the mark. I’m all for offensive jokes, but at times it felt as though the show was an excuse for a series of racist and transphobic jabs. Extra accessories such as a golliwog and the children’s book “Ten Little Nigger Boys” were used for shock value, yet there was no follow-through on how they reflected on society as historical artefacts. I felt slightly uncomfortable sitting in a majority-white audience that laughed along at “black jokes”.

However there were definite highlights, including an irreverent look at the Auckland housing market, and songs such as “Oh deary me, it’s the IRD”. Some of these less-crude scenes got the loudest laughs from the audience.

Overall, the show is definitely worth checking out. But be prepared to be offended.

 The Loose Dick Kiddies Show is on at Q Theatre for two nights only. Tickets and more info here.