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Some very different LGBT New Zealand writers are here to amuse, surprise, educate and at times unsettle you in’s Blogger Zone.

Let’s meet our blogging crew…

Chaz Harris is an award-winning writer and filmmaker originally from the UK now based in Wellington. Chaz previously won’s Blog Idol 2 competition with his blog “Over the Rainbow”. He is currently working on getting his first feature film made and is a co-founder of film technology start-up eHoncho.
Me Again get the last word?

Michael Stevens knows he’s going to piss a few people off with his blogging views – “but hell, that’s their problem, right?” Writing, like cigarettes and good sex, can get to be an addictive vice, and Michael says he’s a happy addict of at least two of these. As he types about Auckland’s gay nightlife and culture, keep your eye on the comments section of the blog… will the knives be out for him, or will The Gay Blade get the last word?

Craig Young is a well-respected commentator on the influences of politics and religion on LGBT New Zealanders. We let him loose on whatever topic captures his attention. Craig humbly describes himself as a forty-*mumble* cat-slave and Doctor Who fan… but his opinions on his Proclamations of the Red Queen blog will be anything but humble.

Craig Hoyle a city boy living the metropolitan dream. Arriving in Auckland from the darkest reaches of the South Island, he now struggles to imagine a life without traffic or homeless people. His fellow students don’t believe him when he tells them h used to know how to drive tractors. Country music is one of his guilty pleasures, and David Bain sweaters are also right up there. Visit Que Sera

Christopher Banks is a filmmaker, journalist and musician with experience of bipolar disorder. He’s also a bear, hence the title of the blog. He works for the Mental Health Foundation and is a founding trustee of Number 8 Films. He lives in West Auckland, New Zealand, and is married to Dean, his partner of fifteen years. Bipolar Bear

Jeremy Lambert is a communications and management consultant based in Auckland. He is a former senior public servant and parliamentary secretary. He has also served as the Chair of the New Zealand AIDS Foundation, and was part of the campaign team for civil unions in 2002-2003. Jeremy’s blog is The Archer’s Hand

Lesbotron lives life like there’s no tomorrow. And when tomorrow comes she has a moment of “did I really do that?” and then writes about her experiences be it hilarious, weird or insane. A little like the Real L Word and a pinch of Jersey Shore, Les-be-fun is worth a bit of a laugh over. Les-be-fun

Archived posts of Vanity Rules and Kitten Power will return soon.

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