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Saturday 09 April 2016

 The birth of the Wellington Binder Exchange
Posted in: Community  9th April 2016
Launching this week and we chat to Coordinator of the exchange, Charles Prout about transitioning and the importance of community exchange.

 Pillow Talk
Posted in: True Stories  7th April 2016
"I’m getting old, this country has changed and in this instance, for the better. The fight for gay rights that I was part of in the old days has resulted in some completely unexpected developments."

 Obituary: Guido Westerwalle: (1961 -2016)
Posted in: People  22nd March 2016
Although Germany still forbids marriage equality, Chancellor Angela Merkel's Vice Chancellor for her first two terms, Guido Westerwalle, leader of the Free Democrats, was an out gay man.

 Owning the narrative
Posted in: True Stories  15th March 2016
Shortland Street have cast a young trans guy to play a trans character in the series and have brought in a consultant from the trans community to assist with the storyline.

 The land of birds
Posted in: Community  12th March 2016
Executive Director of ILGA, Renalto Sabbadini delivered a beautiful speech this week at the opening of the ILGA Oceania Proud Health and Human Rights Conference. We thought we would share his words with you.

 The beautiful sounds of Ladyfruit
Posted in: Community  7th March 2016
Wellingtonians are in for a treat this year, with Te Kahureremoa Taumata aka Ladyfruit performing for her third time at the Out in the Park fair.

 LGBTI Lives: Anita Wigl’it
Posted in: People  26th February 2016
Next up in our series 'LGBTI Lives' we talk to Nick Hall, better known for his stage persona Anita Wigl’it, the fabulous blonde bombshell, once crowned Vancouver's Next Drag Superstar.

 My queer Airbnb affair
Posted in: True Stories  26th February 2016
They message me after browsing through various profiles in the area, looking for the best the fit for their particular needs. I check out their pictures, guessing what they are like in real life and decide if I want to accept their offer.

 Valentine and Valentine:
Posted in: People  25th February 2016
Five same-sex love letters from history

 Stephen Bowness: One final bow
Posted in: Community  23rd February 2016
Having sung in cathedral choirs from the age of ten, joining the GALS choir before the turn of the new millennium, Stephen Bowness has taken to the stage to conduct his last show with the group.

 Amanda Tito: Never look back
Posted in: People  17th February 2016
Quitting her job on a whim and auditioning for the Unitec Performing and Screen Arts course, Amanda Tito has never looked back.

 Protest, Pride and the TPPA
Posted in: People  16th February 2016
Protest and Pride are two things that gone hand in hand and events around the world are often picketed by those who are anti-LGBTI rights, but what happens when the protest comes from within our community?

 Pronouns and video games
Posted in: Community  10th February 2016
From their first introduction to the Legacy Project in 2014, encouraged by friend Joni to audition for an acting position, Iana Grace is back again, this time as writer of The Pronoun Game.

 GLBTI lives: Craig Watson
Posted in: People  7th February 2016
Get to know Proud to Play organiser Craig Watson.

 LarzRanda Bares All
Posted in: People  30th January 2016
"I remember someone suggesting exposing my chest and thinking it would feel really right because rapping the lyrics had already made me feel really bare.”