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Saturday 09 April 2016

 "Let me show you around Coronation Street"
Posted in: Television  25th September 2015
A visit to the culture-rich UK city of Manchester in 2015 isn't complete without stepping onto the city's most famous cobbles.

 It's nearly back: OITNB featurette
Posted in: Television  10th June 2015
Anyone else holding out for Friday? Orange is the New Black is back on Netflix, with Ruby Rose in Lichfield to shake things up as new character Stella in season 3.

 TV preview: Empire
Posted in: Television, Features  19th May 2015
When Empire hits NZ screens tonight, you’re going to want to check it out, for a lot of reasons – including a lead gay character, and the diva to rule them all - Cookie Lyon.

 Trailer: Grace and Frankie
Posted in: Television  12th April 2015
In upcoming Netflix show Grace and Frankie, characters played by Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin find out their husbands are in love with each other!

 Orange is the New Black season three trailer
Posted in: Television  10th April 2015
The women of Litchfield will be back in June! Here is a sneak peek at what's coming in season three of the hit show.

 Watch: lesbian webseries Anyone But Me
Posted in: Television  8th November 2014
We stumbled on this cute teen lesbian webseries this week, and were hooked! You can watch it all on YouTube. Check out the first episode here.

 MKR: 'Social media buddies' eliminated
Posted in: Television  9th October 2014
‘Social media buddies’ Sam Sutherland and Dan Freeman have been eliminated from My Kitchen Rules after a kitchen nightmare.

 TV show generating buzz: Transparent
Posted in: Television  23rd September 2014
A new web-only TV series which revolves around a Los Angeles family as a parent comes out as transgender is gathering rave reviews in the US. Its creator has a trans parent of her own.

 MKR NZ cooks up a sexuality storm
Posted in: Television  25th August 2014
After the first episode of New Zealand’s My Kitchen Rules, the sexuality of a pair of “social media buddies” is, kinda weirdly, as hot a topic as the food.

 Wentworth season two trailer
Posted in: Television  21st May 2014
The second season of compelling Australian prison drama is about to begin across the Tasman. Here's a look at what to expect.

 The Topps are back on TV!
Posted in: Television  12th May 2014
Lynda and Jools have taken a culinary journey around NZ meeting passionate food producers, home cooks and lovers of life. If you missed it, catch the first episode of Topp Country here.

 Orange Is The New Black Season 2 Trailer
Posted in: Television  21st April 2014
Just to help you get through to June, here is a trailer for the next season of the brilliant Orange Is The New Black! Eeek!

 MTV's new fake lesbian show
Posted in: Television  19th March 2014
Have you heard about MTV’s controversial new show Faking It? It’s about two teenage girls who pretend to be lesbians to be popular.

 Reviews: Looking and The Fosters
Posted in: Television  26th January 2014
Sky’s SoHo has premiered the much buzzed about new gay show Looking, while TV2 has begun showing a series about lesbian mums.

 Stephen Fry's Out There, part two
Posted in: Television  8th January 2014
In the second part of Stephen Fry's Out There documentary he discovers what life is like for gay people in Brazil, Russia and India.