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Saturday 09 April 2016

 My Life before Law Reform: Jay Bennie
Posted in: Our Communities  3rd April 2016
For Content Editor Jay Bennie, life before the Homosexual Law Reform legislation passed thirty years ago was marred by ignorance, isolation, confusion, self-doubt and all kinds of frustration

 Adoption, the law and us
Posted in: Our Communities  29th March 2016
The Human Rights Review Tribunal recently declared our adoption laws to be discriminatory and have called for legislative change. We talk to Green MP Kevin Hague, to clarify what the situation is currently for LGBTI couples wishing to adopt.

 Hands On for HLR30
Posted in: Our Communities  27th March 2016
Massage and bodywork treatments will be offered free of charge to give thanks to veterans and survivors of the Homosexual Law Reform Campaign.

 Pride Down South
Posted in: Our Communities  25th March 2016
Jill Stevens has been involved with Christchurch Pride Festival for the past five years and says every year she sees it getting bigger and bigger, but what exactly is it about Christchurch Pride that makes it the highlight of the year for the Southern city’s LGBTI community?

 The (gay) call of the wild
Posted in: Our Communities  17th March 2016
Des Smith decided to think outside of the box for this year’s Wellington Pride Festival | Tū whakahīhī e Te Whanganui-ā-Tara and treated the public to a gay tour of Wellington’s must-see eco-attraction, Zealandia.

 "We cannot forget where these laws come from"
Posted in: Our Communities  16th March 2016
BOX Oceania aims to continue to illuminate issues that are still affecting Māori and Pasifika communities. This is their voice.

 31 years ago today in Parliament
Posted in: Our Communities  8th March 2016
Today, 31 years ago, the Homosexual Law Reform Bill was introduced in Parliament, the first reading that paved the way for some of the freedom the LGBTI community now has.

Posted in: Our Communities  29th February 2016
"Has the transgender community really passed a tipping point in terms of acceptance, or are we just being manipulated into a contemporary and binary world view for our assimilation?"

 Hard times, fun times
Posted in: Our Communities  27th February 2016
Memories, tragedy and laughs are recalled by Niccole Duval, one of the few survivors of the '70's and '80s drag and showgirl acts which were a feature of Auckland's nightlife scene, as she walks us through the For Fantastic Carmen exhibition.

 Comment: The Auckland PRide Parade
Posted in: Our Communities  25th February 2016
It is important that the Auckland Pride Festival and Parade honour the aims and aspirations of our community, especially as we remember and celebrate the battle for law reform 30 years ago.