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Saturday 09 April 2016

8th April 2016   International News
France has abandoned its plan to have a diplomat in the Vatican City after a delay in confirmation was attributed to the proposed ambassador’s sexuality. French President François Hollande put... Read more

5th April 2016   International News
An LGBTI film festival in St Petersburg was attended by foreign diplomats, much to the disapproval of the Russian Foreign Ministry.   The LGBTI Side by Side International Film Festival... Read more

4th April 2016   International News
MTV show, Faking It has become the first TV show ever to feature an intersex actor playing an intersex character. The new character, Raven, played by Amanda Saenz is a... Read more

29th March 2016   International News
The Governor of Georgia has vetoed the controversial anti-gay HB 757, previously known as the ‘pastor protection act’ legislation that had many Hollywood stars vowing they would boycott the state... Read more

26th March 2016   International News
Two states in the US are receiving backlash from big name Hollywood stars as they pass laws that allow discrimination against LGBTI people.   Georgia is on its way to... Read more

24th March 2016   International News
The Cook Islands once again hosted its popular transgender pagent after ten years, in an effort to decriminalise homosexuality. The Mizz Jewel competition is part of a campaign to decriminalise... Read more

23rd March 2016   International News
The NHS England has announced that it can’t yet fund widespread access to PrEP in the UK.   Medical professionals, patient groups and government health organisations including the NHS have... Read more

22nd March 2016   International News
Annie Lennox has been recognised for her HIV/AIDS activism. The Eurythmics singer has become a recipient of the Royal Scottish Geographical Society’s Livingstone Medal, recognised for her “outstanding public service”.... Read more

20th March 2016   International News
For the first time ever, LGBTI groups marched in the New York St Patricks Day Parade, after a historic ban on LGBTI groups was lifted.   The massive event has... Read more

17th March 2016   International News
Oscar nominated film, Carol, has been named as the best LGBTI film of all time. The lesbian drama took the top spot in the first major critical survey of LGBTI... Read more