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Saturday 09 April 2016

 The birth of the Wellington Binder Exchange
Posted in: Community  9th April 2016
Launching this week and we chat to Coordinator of the exchange, Charles Prout about transitioning and the importance of community exchange.

 What Went Wrong in Australia?
Posted in: Comment  7th April 2016

What can New Zealand LGBTI community welfare and youth organisations learn from the debacle against Safe Schools in Australia?

 Pillow Talk
Posted in: True Stories  7th April 2016
"I’m getting old, this country has changed and in this instance, for the better. The fight for gay rights that I was part of in the old days has resulted in some completely unexpected developments."

 Trans Work Discrimination: Crunch Point?
Posted in: Comment  6th April 2016
Dakota Hemmingson was sacked for disclosing her gender identity at work and is now off to the Employment Relations Authority, but it is uncertain what response she will encounter. Why? Therein lies a tale.

 The Undeclared Baggage of Homophobia 
Posted in: Comment  5th April 2016
One might expect that migrant communities would be self-eradicating homophobia and adopting kiwi attitudes towards LGBT rights. This is unfortunately not the case with tight-knit migrant communities.

 My Life before Law Reform: Jay Bennie
Posted in: Our Communities  3rd April 2016
For Content Editor Jay Bennie, life before the Homosexual Law Reform legislation passed thirty years ago was marred by ignorance, isolation, confusion, self-doubt and all kinds of frustration

 Our Communities: The Surrogacy Dilemma
Posted in: Comment  1st April 2016
Background to our news stories on the NZ gay couple who are stuck in Mexico after having children through surrogacy... and the current NZ legal context awaiting gay men who want to become parents through this avenue.

 Adoption, the law and us
Posted in: Our Communities  29th March 2016
The Human Rights Review Tribunal recently declared our adoption laws to be discriminatory and have called for legislative change. We talk to Green MP Kevin Hague, to clarify what the situation is currently for LGBTI couples wishing to adopt.

 Hands On for HLR30
Posted in: Our Communities  27th March 2016
Massage and bodywork treatments will be offered free of charge to give thanks to veterans and survivors of the Homosexual Law Reform Campaign.

 Little Child of Miracle
Posted in: Performance  26th March 2016
Little Child of Miracle is the kind of fairy tale you wouldn’t tell your children before they are put down for sleep. The new show at the Basement is a visual feast for adults, opening this Tuesday, it’s not one to miss.

 Pride Down South
Posted in: Our Communities  25th March 2016
Jill Stevens has been involved with Christchurch Pride Festival for the past five years and says every year she sees it getting bigger and bigger, but what exactly is it about Christchurch Pride that makes it the highlight of the year for the Southern city’s LGBTI community?

 Your guide to Easter
Posted in: Events  24th March 2016
We check out what’s happening this long weekend around the country at your favourite venues.

 The Irrelevance of Baptist Belligerence
Posted in: Comment  24th March 2016
If the latest round of fundamentalist anti-gay literature is indeed predominantly from the Baptist denomination, then what relevance does this have to New Zealand? As it turns out, very little.

 How to make the most of CHCH Pride
Posted in: Events  23rd March 2016
Christchurch Pride is midway through festivities, make the most of what’s on offer in the upcoming days and take a look at the events the festival has lined up for you.

 Obituary: Rob Ford: 1969-2016
Posted in: Politics and Religion  23rd March 2016
Toronto's controversial former crack-smoking, alcohol-swilling and antigay mayor, Rob Ford, has just died. Why was this figure such an embarrassment to the Conservative Party of Canada and why was he tolerated for so long before his eventual fall from power?