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Saturday 09 April 2016

 Opinion: Chemwreck
Posted in: Safe Sex  16th January 2016
In December 2015's Attitude, there was a sobering section on chemsex and HIV/AIDS in the United Kingdom. What can we learn from it?

 Dealing with stress and loneliness this silly season
Posted in: Living Well  24th December 2015
The holiday period can be a difficult time for many people in LGBTI communities, OUTLine has some advice for best dealing with seasonal stress, loneliness and relationship issues during the silly season.

 Hookup apps and Asia's HIV epidemic
Posted in: Health & HIV, Our Communities  17th December 2015
Are researchers overlooking one crucial factor when making a correlation between the surge in HIV rates among gay Asian men and the prevalence of hookup apps?

 Playing safe this summer
Posted in: Health & HIV  11th December 2015
Here’s what you need to know to stay safe and healthy if you are keen on a bit of action to spice up those sunny days and long nights this summer.

 NZAF to Govt.: Get back in the HIV game!
Posted in: HIV, Features  23rd November 2015
In an extremely outspoken interview on the government's response to the resurgent HIV epidemic, the NZ AIDS Foundation's executive director says ten years' of loss of government focus must end right now.

 We're more than HIV-positive
Posted in: HIV  19th November 2015
As World AIDS Day, December 1st, nears Vaughan Meneses urges the wider glbti community to embrace, not to marginalise or silence, those of us living with HIV

 I'm Charlie and I have HIV
Posted in: Living Well  3rd November 2015
NZ's HIV organisations are working to make people living with HIV more visible in our communities, to counteract stigma. Charlie Tredway has joined the battle.

 Meet the candidates
Posted in: Community, HIV  22nd October 2015
Four candidates are up for a vacancy on the NZ AIDS Foundation board... here's where you can get to know Tawhanga Nopera, Jason Myers, James Hudson and Jason Cooper.

 TPPA: Trouble with Pharmaceutical Product Access?
Posted in: Health & HIV  12th October 2015
How will the TPPA affect HIV medication here in New Zealand? Craig Young talks you through the issue.

 Inside Body Positive
Posted in: Health & HIV  9th October 2015
As Body Positive's board drives changes to the way the organisation operates there is determined opposition to some of what is happening. BP's boss Mark Fisher addresses the allegations...

 Body Positive: Taking the Long View
Posted in: HIV  6th October 2015
"Ructions at Body Positive and unhappy members. Where have I seen this before?" Michael Stevens writes.

 PrEP a 'reasonable option' for some NZ men
Posted in: New Zealand Daily News, HIV  25th September 2015
A local infectious diseases specialist says HIV prevention drug PrEP is a reasonable option for protecting New Zealand gay and bisexual men, who aren't using condoms, from HIV.

 Ministry of Health release information about GRS funding
Posted in: Health & HIV, Features  24th September 2015
Jennifer Shields says the release of information from the Ministry of Health on funding for gender reassignment surgery shows the outlook is bleak.

 HIV prevention: We risk being left behind
Posted in: Health & HIV, Features  22nd September 2015
Leading NZ HIV researcher believes we can dramatically alter trajectory of epidemic among gay/bi men by adding enhanced testing, immediate treatment and targeted PrEP use to condom use.

 Behind the closure of BP Wellington
Posted in: Health & HIV, Features  1st September 2015
Under-funded and under-used by its HIV-positive members, Body Positive's Wellington's premises in Wellington will close in four weeks time. Chair Ashley Barratt discusses the background to changes at BP.