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Apply for an emergency travel document – application form

Front page of the Renewal application form

Important: You cannot apply online for a Emergency Travel Document.

Are you using the correct application form?

Read this page carefully to make sure you are filling in the correct form.

What is an emergency travel document ?

An emergency travel document is a short-term, machine-readable travel document issued to New Zealanders overseas in emergency and compassionate situations when they need to travel and do not have a valid passport.


If you're already overseas AND...

  • your passport has been lost or stolen,
  • you need to travel urgently (within a few days), AND
  • you can’t wait for a new passport to be issued

Apply for an emergency travel document PDF, 12 pages, 238kb
This form needs to be opened in Adobe Reader version 9 or higher. If you are unable to open this form we recommend you get the latest version of Adobe Reader, which can be downloaded for free from the Adobe site.


If you're in New Zealand, Australia, or the United Kingdom and you need to travel urgently, you should just apply for a passport.

Learn more about urgent passport applications

Renew an existing adult passport, or if you've never had an adult passport, apply for an adult passport. For children under 16 years of age, apply for a child passport.

Passports can be issued by:


How to complete an emergency travel document application

Refer to the guide notes attached to the form, or continue reading the emergency travel document application information on this website.

Online guide to filling in the form

Learn more about:


Unable to download or access this form?

Printed copies are available from:


The downloadable version of this form has most of the colour and shading removed so it can be printed in black and white. You will need to print it on high quality A4 sized paper. You must send the complete application form, even if some pages have not been filled in and there are empty fields. This will help to ensure your application is not unnecessarily delayed.