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Unpaid fines could stop you travelling

Pay or stay. It’s your choice.

Unpaid fines could stop you travelling. Your passport will be checked as you attempt to leave New Zealand and your name will be checked against information held by the Ministry of Justice.

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Travelling in the next 48 hours?

Avoid delays

If you’re travelling in the next 48 hours and you have fines or reparation you have not paid, call 0800 PAYORSTAY (0800 729 677) and pay with your credit card. Payments can be made 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Pay online

If you’re travelling soon, you should pay your fines. Pay online at

Your details may be recorded

Even if you’re not stopped at the airport, information about your contact details and your travel plans may be collected when you leave New Zealand, or when you re-enter the country.

For more information, contact the Ministry of Justice. The Collections Unit of the Ministry of Justice is responsible for the collection and enforcement of fines, including Court-imposed fines, lodged infringements and reparation. They also provide enforcement services for unpaid civil judgments or orders at a creditor's request.