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Fees and charges - emergency travel documents

You cannot apply online for a emergency travel document.


How to pay

An emergency travel document costs NZ$500.00 but must be paid in the local currency of the country where your application is being processed.

A New Zealand Embassy or High Commission cannot process credit card payments; however, it may be possible to have your credit card payment processed in New Zealand.

Contact your nearest New Zealand Embassy, High Commission or Consulate office to confirm the actual amount you need to pay in the local currency and to discuss your payment and delivery options.


The fee also covers your replacement passport

The fee for your emergency travel document covers the cost of a full replacement passport. To receive your replacement passport, you will need to send your emergency travel document, two photos and a fully completed passport application to the Passport office in Wellington, the New Zealand Passport office in Sydney, or the New Zealand Passport office in London. You must apply before your emergency travel document expires.

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