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New Zealand passports | Uruwhenua Aotearoa

The Department of Internal Affairs | Te Tari Taiwhenua


Ways you can renew your adult passport

The easiest way to renew your New Zealand passport is to apply online, from anywhere in the world, you won't need to print off forms, mail us anything or visit a Passport office. Paper application forms (if you need one) can still be downloaded from this site, printed and mailed for processing. Pre-printed application forms are also available from your nearest Passport office.

Want to renew online? First, read these tips...

1 You will need a RealMe login

  • To renew your passport online, you will need to use a RealMe login.  You can create this as part of the online passport application process.
  • You can upgrade your RealMe login to a RealMe verified account when you renew your passport online.

2 Travelling soon?

  • You cannot submit an urgent application online.
  • You cannot travel while your application is being processed.

3 Passport Photo

  • Your photo must be saved as a JPG (or JPEG) so it can be uploaded with your online application. You do not need a printed photo.
  • Your photo must meet our photo requirements.
  • Check your Online Renewal photo now.
  • Your photo cannot be scanned and then uploaded.
  • We recommend you get a photo from a specialist passport photographer.
  • A photo that is successfully uploaded to the Online Renewal Service as part of an Online Renewal still needs to be assessed by our office to ensure it meets all photo requirements. Part of our assessment involves preparing the photo to be printed into the passport and embedded in the chip. Very occasionally there are issues with the photo that prevent this from being completed successfully. As a result of this assessment the photo may not meet all requirements, and you will be contacted about providing a new photo.

4 Passport details for your identity referee

5 You need a credit card

  • We accept Visa, Mastercard or American Express.
  • EFTPOS or direct debit payments are not available.
  • No cash payments.
  • Sorted out your passport photo?
  • Asked your referee for their name and passport number exactly as it appears on their most recent New Zealand Passport. 
  • If your name includes a diacritic please contact us for advice before applying online. 
  • Got your most recent passport with you?
  • Any questions contact us by free phone 0800 22 52 12 (New Zealand only) or +64 (4) 463 9375

Next steps...

Check you're eligible
to renew online
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