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Name changes

Important: You are not able to renew your passport online if you have changed your name since your last passport was issued.

Only your officially registered name can be used in your passport

Only your officially registered name can be used in your passport

  • You cannot use nicknames or names you are ‘commonly known as’.
  • You must use the name shown in your passport when booking tickets.
  • To legally change your name contact Births, Deaths and Marriages
  • Processing a name change can take up to 15 working days. You need to add this extra time on to the time it will take before we can process your passport application.
  • Find out about reverting to your birth name
  • Names by birth or New Zealand citizenship

    Passports can be issued in your officially registered birth name even if you're married. You can also use the name registered on your New Zealand citizenship certificate.

  • Using your married name in your passport

    New Zealand marriage certificates are not required. If you're applying for a passport in your married name and you were married overseas, you will need to provide a certificate.

  • Using your civil union name in your passport

    If your civil union was in New Zealand, you don't need to provide a certificate. Names taken in recognised overseas civil unions can be used, but a certificate is required.

  • Changes by deed poll or declaration

    The requirements for proving your officially registered name if you changed it by deed poll or statutory declaration vary depending on when, and where the change took place.