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Classification in New Zealand This website is designed to provide information for students studying the classification system or who have an interest in censorship.

What does classification cover?

Our classification system covers most (but not all) kinds of media, such as film, games and books. Find out more, and learn what the classification labels mean.

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Why do we have a classification system?

New Zealand has had a classification system for a long time, but why does our system work the way it does? And why is it important?

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How does classification work in New Zealand?

In this section you'll find out how we classify things like films and games, how classification are enforced and how they can be appealed.

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A history of NZ censorship

When did classification first start in New Zealand? Which key films created a turning point in censorship history? Find the answers in the timeline.

Censorship timeline

Interactive timeline
Students take part on Censor for a Day
Cartoon of two children playing a violent video game
A spool of film
Once Were Warriors poster
Judge's gavel on top of a law book
DVD jewel cases
Young people watching a movie
Why does Once Were Warriors have two classifications?