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Digital Content

Archives New Zealand has a selection of records available in a digital format. Most can be accessed by using the keyword ‘digitised’ in a Simple Search in our on-line finding aid Archway.

New Zealand Defence Force Personnel Files

Archives New Zealand holds individual personnel files from the Anglo-Boer War 1899-1902 [AABK 18805 W5515]. Unfortunately individual records include very little about actual service, but references to records may be found by name in Archway.

Archives New Zealand also holds individual personnel files from the period 1914-1920, including the First World War. All files are searchable by name on Archway, which gives individual file references.

These records are some of our most frequently consulted records but unfortunately because of their format we are not able to provide access to the originals. Copies are therefore produced for researchers. The nature of the original records, the large number of orders and the relatively poor quality of the copies has prompted us to look at alternative copying methods and we will now be attaching digital copies to the individual Archway reference.
Digital versions of the files will be attached to the individual Archway reference within 15 working days of request.

Some have already been digitised and the records can be found as .PDF attachments to the individual Personnel file listings in Archway.

National Publicity Studio Photographs

Archives New Zealand holds the photographic collection of the National Publicity Studios.
The purpose of the National Publicity Studios was to provide advice to government departments and state agencies on the provision of photographic, art, and display services and in particular to assist in the production of publicity material aimed at conveying a favourable image of New Zealand.
A selection of these records are available on-line as JPEG images.

Blue Books

The ‘Blue Books’ detailed statistical information from New Zealand’s early Colonial period (1840-1855). ‘Blue Books’ were produced in all colonies of the British Empire in order to provide Imperial Officials with the necessary knowledge for good government. They contain information about population, revenue, military, trade, shipping, public works, legislation, civil servants, foreign consuls, land transactions, churches, schools, and prisons.

The Blue Books have been digitised and are now available to be viewed on-line.