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Classification information for non-English speakers

Key information about New Zealand's classification system is available as a PDF download in the following languages:

Te Reo Maori 167kb

Gagana Samoa 254kb

Lea Faka-Tonga 197kb

Maori Kuki Airani 222kb

Vagahau Niue 198kb

Gagana Tokelau 262kb

Simplified Chinese 435kb

Traditional Chinese 412kb

Hindi 162kb

Gujarati 165kb

Punjabi 161kb

Korean 220kb

Japanese 425kb

Arabic 188kb

Bahasa Melayu 212kb

Farsi (Persian) 288kb

Thai 230kb

Khmer (Cambodian) 449kb

Vietnamese 301kb

Soomaali 255kb

Click on the link below to view this information in English:

Censorship in New Zealand 319kb

Language Line Logo

If you want to speak to us using a language other than English, call us on 0508 236 767 and ask to use the Language Line service. Language Line can provide an interpreter in one of the 44 languages.

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