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Copyright and disclaimer

This page explains the terms of use for the New Zealand Office of Film and Literature Classification's website,, including our:

Disclaimer about this site's content

While we have tried to make the information on this site as accurate as possible, it is not exhaustive and should not be regarded as legal advice. The Classification Office accepts no responsibility for any consequences arising from the use of information on this website as legal advice. Readers are urged to consult a lawyer for advice on classification law.

Disclaimer about links to other sites

Where relevant, we have provided links to other websites. We make no guarantees they will be accessible. The inclusion of links to third party sites does not imply any endorsement of the linked website or its content or provider.

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Approach to protecting your privacy

When you visit our website, you do so anonymously. We do not collect information about you such as your IP address. We do use Google Analytics to identify general information about how all visitors use the site, which we use to better understand what information is being sought and used by our website visitors.

Email, other correspondence and contact by phone or in person
Personal information you give to the Classification Office by email, on a form, or by other written or oral means, is not disclosed to any other party.

If your contact with us needs to be referred to another agency for assistance or response, we will ask you for your permission to do this.

The information you provide is kept on file for specific periods as set by Archives NZ under the Public Records Act 2005. At the end of those periods, typically 2 years for inquiries and 5 years for complaints of a minor nature, the record will be disposed of securely. If your contact is in relation to a significant complaint about the classification system, it will be retained indefinitely and transferred eventually to Archives NZ to be retained as a public archive.

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Copyright statement

Unless otherwise stated, the Classification Office holds the copyright on all information on this website. Classification Office copyright information on this website may be used for personal and non-commercial purposes without further permission, subject to the information being reproduced accurately and not being used in a misleading context.

This website may have some text and other items used with the copyright holder's permission. These items are provided for the purpose of personal use and non-commercial study (such as school projects). You may not reproduce (in print or electronic format) these items without obtaining the permission of the copyright holder. For written permission to use these items for any purpose other than personal and non-commercial study, please contact the copyright holder. Specific copyright statements may accompany individual items.

The Office of Film and Literature Classification has made every effort to contact copyright holders. Please advise us of any errors or omissions so that they can be corrected.

When information from this website is used in any context, the source must be credited to (the website of Office of Film and Literature Classification).

For written permission to reproduce information, images or other resources on this website, please contact the copyright holder or holding institution (where named) in the first instance, or the Classification Office.

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