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Accessibility features of this website

Changing the size of the text

You can change the text size on any web page on this site. Most browsers (with the exception of Internet Explorer) allow resizing of text via the following keyboard commands:

Windows: CTRL key and the '+' or '-' keys.
Macintosh: Command or Apple key and the '+' or '-' keys.

To change the font size in Internet Explorer, go to the View Menu and select Text Size.

Links tell you where they are taking you and why

As much as possible, links around this site have been written to explain where they take you.

Navigation elements are all in plain text, not images.

We have linked to other sites where we think the information they contain may be of value to you. Other site's pages will open in a new browser, so when you close them you will still have this site open. We can’t guarantee that other sites will be accessible.

If you think a link is broken, send us an email or call us on 0508 236 767 to let us know.

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Images, graphs, and charts are described in plain English

All content images such as photos, charts and graphs have meaningful plain English descriptions that can be read by screen readers.

Use of macrons

The Maori language uses macrons over some vowels to indicate pronunciation. Where Maori words are used in site pages written in html, we have not included macrons as they are not supported by all web browsers and can cause difficulty with screen reading software.

A PDF document about New Zealand's classification system, translated into Maori, does use macrons.

Censorship information in Maori 197kb

Audio and visual material on this site has accessibility options

Where used:

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Visual design aspects have been tested for accessibility

This site uses cascading style sheets for visual layout. If your browsing device does not support style sheets, the content of each page is still readable.

The site has been tested so that colours are at a visible contrast ratio.

The site uses print style sheets to eliminate unnecessary graphical elements when you print a page of content

This site uses a print style sheet which allows a page to be printed straight from the browser in a 'print-friendly' manner.

This means that only the main content from the page will be printed — the top banner and navigation links and images will not be printed.

Note that the print style sheet will only be recognised in version 5 browsers and above.

You can navigate around the site using the tab key

You can use the tab key to navigate around the site, and we have provided skip links for screen readers so you can jump elements that repeat on every page.

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Useful pages and links

How to search for something on this site, and how to search for a classification decision

Accessing PDF documents