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Search for a classification

Search the Film and Video Labelling Body Database for

  • film classifications and descriptive notes from 1994-today

Search the NZ Register of Classification Decisions for

  • film classifications from the late 1960s to today (earlier decisions are being added to the online register)
  • book and magazine classifications from 1963-today
  • game classifications from 1994-today
  • classifications on other publications such as sound recordings and apparel

Note: Because this is an official register it holds multiple classifications for some titles. This may be as a result of titles being submitted in different formats or with different running times, being submitted under different classification legislation, or being re-classified.

Contact the Information Unit if you cannot find what you are looking for or need additional information.

How to search for a classification

There are two sources of information on New Zealand classifications of films, games, books, or other publications. One is the NZ Register of Classification Decisions, and the other is the Film and Video Labelling Body Database. This page explains how to use where you should search, depending on the classification information you are looking for.

Read more about how to search for a classification

New Zealand's classification labels

Image of unrestricted classfiication labels

Learn what New Zealand's classification labels look like and what each one means.

Read more about New Zealand's classification labels

How classification decisions are made

Close up image of the word 'legislation' in a dictionary

Go to the Classification in NZ section of our website and read about how the Classification Office applies the legal criteria to determine classifications for films and games.

Read more about how classification decisions are made

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