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Classification in NZ

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This section provides an overview of New Zealand's classification system and how it works

The current system was established and operates according to the Films, Videos, and Publications Classification Act 1993 (the Classification Act). In this section you will find information about the Classification Act, how it is applied, and the work of the Classification Office.

Classification information in other languages

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This page contains information about the classification system for people who do not speak English as a first language. Information in 20 languages and scripts is available.

Read moreabout information in other languages

New Zealand's classification law: the Films, Videos, and Publications Classification Act, 1993

Image of the cover of the Classfication Act

The classification system in New Zealand operates under the Classification Act, passed in 1993. The Act regulates how films, games and other publications are classified.

Read more about the Classification Act as a whole

How classification decisions are made

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Find out about the process films and other publications go through when they are classified, and read case studies to see the classification process in action.

Read more about the classification criteria

Research by the Classification Office

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One of the functions of the Classification Office is to provide research. We have published research about a variety of topics, including the New Zealand public's views on the classification system.

Read more about research by the Classification Office

Learn about New Zealand's censorship history

Censorship in New Zealand has been around since the 19th century. We've put together an overview of important milestones and how the current system evolved.

Read more about New Zealand's censorship history

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