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Do you have a question or complaint?

Members of the public can give feedback on the censorship and classification of publications or submit publications to the Classification Office. You can also give your opinions on law change.

Topics covered:

  • How to get something classified
  • Getting a classification changed
  • Contacting censorship enforcement agencies

Read more on submitting a publication or reviewing a decision here, and who to contact if you disagree with censorship law

Information for parents & caregivers

Image of mother and daughter

We've put together information on what film and game labels and age-restrictions mean and what trailers can be shown at cinemas. We’ve also found some useful sites for parents.

This page covers topics such as:

  • What do film and game labels and symbols mean?
  • What trailers can be shown at kids' movies?
  • What films can be shown to children at school (or at other community groups)?

Read more information for parents here

Information for teachers

Image of teacher in classroom with students

Topics for teachers include showing films at school, including seeking an exemption to show a restricted film; the Censor for a Day programme and other censorship education resources.

Read more information for teachers here

Information for librarians

Image of librarian with children

This page has information on:

  • How to manage your DVD collection
  • What to do about restricted/banned items
  • Our libraries newsletter
  • Managing school libraries.

Read more information for librarians here

Information for people on-selling games and DVDs

Image of stack of DVD cases

If you are selling second-hand games or DVDs yourself or on online sites such as TradeMe, you need to make sure they have NZ labels.

Read more on the legal requirements for selling-on games and DVDs here

Can I show a restricted film to people under the age on the label?

The answer is 'No'. However, sometimes educational or community groups want to screen a restricted film to people under the age of restriction. This is an offence unless you have an exemption from the classification.

Read more on how to apply for an exemption from a restriction here

Who do I talk to about TV or radio?

In the first place contact the TV or radio station concerned. If you are not happy with their answer, contact the Broadcasting Standards Authority.Link to the New Zealand Broadcasting Standards Authority website (opens in a new window) The Classification Office cannot classify broadcasting.

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