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Early Beginnings

The first Lifeline was established in Christchurch in 1964, followed a year later with Lifeline in Auckland, to provide personal and telephone counselling to those in need. Over the past 50 years Lifeline Aotearoa has developed as one of New Zealand’s leading mental health support organisations, working to help New Zealanders live healthier lives through emotional and mental well-being.


Structure and affiliation

Lifeline Aotearoa Incorporated, previously Lifeline New Zealand, is an independent organisation registered with the Charities Commission. In December 2013 eight independent Lifeline organisations around New Zealand and Lifeline New Zealand Inc. merged to form a single, national Lifeline organisation. Lifeline’s support office and Auckland branch are based in Epsom, Auckland, with separate branches located in Northland, Waikato, Hawke’s Bay, Taranaki, Wairarapa, Marlborough and Christchurch.


Staff and Volunteers

As at 31 June 2014, the organisation employed 34 full time staff members, and 78 part time staff members. The  organisation was also supported by 440 volunteers who work primarily on the 24/7 Helpline, face to face counselling, 0800 Kidsline and Chinese Lifeline.



Each service at Lifeline Aotearoa is funded in a different manner. Some services, such as the NDI, Family Violence line and Gambling Helpline, are fully Government funded, while others, such as 0800KIDSLINE and the 24/7 Helpline, are reliant on sponsorship, donations and bequests. At Lifeline Aotearoa we do not employ fundraising brokers, or pay commission. All funds raised by Lifeline Aotearoa are used directly, to support the provision of our services throughout Aotearoa.

If you would like to donate to Lifeline Aotearoa's community services, please click here to be taken to the donation page