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Feedback from our Volunteers

.....My Lifeline journey has been 100% amazing! I am so grateful for all that I've gained.   I got to work with and learn from a great team, and also experienced the wonderful 'buzz' of being able to help people in need.

When I became part of Lifeline, I was professionally motivated. At that time I was thinking about the study of psychology, and wanted to see whether I could 'cut it' as a counsellor.   Learning to be a skilled counsellor was just the tip of the personal benefits iceberg. My greatest learning of all was all about me.

Lifeline helped me become a better and more self aware person. My home and work life have benefited significantly, and they were in good shape to begin with. I wasn't expecting that! LifeLine is a wonderful agency, and I will forever value my association.


.....Joining Lifeline for me was for a mixture of reasons; to help others, to develop myself, to grow in my career (not in the counseling field) and to strengthen my relationships with those around me. Lifeline helped me to do this with a professional, well paced course which introduced concepts, reinforced the value of identifying and acknowledging your (and others) feelings and provided support throughout from the leaders and the peer group.

Lifeline for me became a place where I felt comradery. It had a different feel to any other organization I have been part of. People there looked out for each other at a level that goes deeper than ‘what you did that day’ and in a way that was honest and encouraging.

The insights I gained and have applied to other situations since, have been invaluable in helping others, developing my relationships and learning about myself.

There is nothing better than having finished a call through Lifeline and feeling that you have contributed to someone’s journey where they have gained insight allowing them to continue through the current hurdle, rather than finding it insurmountable.



I just want to thank you and the trainers for delivering such a professional training programme.  The e-learning prior to the face to face component is practical, ensuring that we are prepared for the training sessions.  The facilitators and the trainers were knowledgeable and professional yet approachable and respectful.  The content of the programme is comprehensive, delivered in such a short time frame. 

I particularly liked the role plays and the camaraderie shared with my group members.  I had my first supervision session last night and found the group very warm and welcoming and fun!!