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Research at Lifeline

Lifeline Aotearoa values and supports evidence-based best practice. To this end Lifeline has established an in-house research team to establish and grow the research function and capacity within Lifeline.  The team currently comprises an on-staff Research Manager and 5 volunteer research assistants.

All of the research assistants have either recently graduated from University in a relevant field, or are studying toward a degree. The research assistants undergo a series of well designed research and related practical trainings, facilitated by the Research Manager and external contributors, while they assist with planned research projects. The research team also delivers Lifeline’s bi-monthly research newsletter and present internal research seminars to Lifeline staff and volunteers.

The research department has started building partnerships and networks with several research and health organisations, including the University of Auckland, AUT, DHBs, Youthline, Le VA, The Asian Network Inc., Australia Lifeline Research Foundation among others. Over summer Lifeline also hosts two summer students from the University of Auckland (i.e., summer scholarships), who work on a identified and approved research projects under Christine’s supervision.

  Current research projects at Lifeline Aotearoa include: 
an overview of Chinese Lifeline,
• Kidsline Buddies’ views and attitudes in expanding the Kidsline Service

• Kirkpatrick’s four levels of training evaluations for Lifeline Helplines Volunteers Training;
• Helpline volunteers’ motivations, expectations and experience (collaborated with University of Auckland);
• Clinical effectiveness, client experiences and client profile for Face to Face Counselling (collaborated with University of Auckland);
• Intermediate school kids’, their parents’ and teachers’ awareness, needs, attitudes and experiences with Kidsline (a pilot);
• Lifeline 24/7 Service Overview
• The impact of peer-support helpline service for mental health clients, frequency caller profile and pattern 


Research Publications:Lifeline Aotearoa Helplines Volunteers Training Evaluation - Interim Report:  (Executive Summary)

Chinese Lifeline: An Overview.  (Executive Summary)

Research e-letter:December 2014
October 2014