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An Introduction to Lifeline Counselling

For more than 40 years, Lifeline’s face to face counselling service has provided professional and affordable counselling to those in need of assistance and support.   From December 2014 we are also able to provide fully funded services under ACC’s sensitive claims service for sexual abuse and trauma.

Lifeline counselling and our ACC counselling is available in many Lifeline branches, including Northland (09 437 0658 or ) Auckland (09 909 8750 or ) and Hamilton (07 838 0715 or ).   Lifeline Taranaki offers a play/art therapy service for children, youth, adults and families. (06 757 9493 or ).

Many of Lifeline Counselling’s counsellors are qualified professionals who have broad experience with a wide variety of clients and issues.  They are all volunteers, many of whom are also in private practice,  who make a minimum of three hours a week available for Lifeline clients.  

In Auckland, counselling appointments are available Monday - Saturday, with evening appointments on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.   Please contact your local Centre for local hours.

How counselling can help

Talking to a counsellor can help when you are struggling or overwhelmed with something in your life you want to change. It could be related to experiences of loss, grief or trauma; it could be relationship difficulties, on-going stress, depression, anxiety or all of this at once. Clients want to feel better and find ways their lives can be different.  Our counsellors listen and work with people to understand what’s going on, identify change they could make and bring a sense of peace, hope and strength back into their lives.


What to expect from Lifeline Counselling

As a client, you can expect to be treated respectfully. All new clients are seen initially for a triage session at no cost, from there we match clients with a counsellor from our team and do our best to keep the waitlist to 10 – 14 days. Our counsellors all abide by the NZ Association of Counsellors code of ethics and will talk to you about confidentiality and our complaints procedure and answer questions you may have about the counselling process.  In Auckland, counselling takes place at our counselling rooms at 95 Great South Road, Epsom.   Most clients come once a week for about 50 to 60 minutes a session.



At Lifeline Counselling we do not believe money should be a barrier to someone accessing quality counselling.  Our fees are set on a sliding scale based on household income ( 0.1% of income e.g. $50K = $50/session) with a $45 minimum.

Our fee for youth aged 17 and under is $5 per session

When the minimum is beyond what a client can afford we will talk through options that may be available to them and won’t let financial hardship get in the way of high quality support.


How to get in touch with Lifeline Counselling.

To make an appointment simply call Lifeline on (09) 909 8750, or email us at  Will will make an appointment for you, or provide you with the contact details of your local Lifeline Counselling Centre.