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depression helpline 0800 111 757

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Depression is more than just a low mood - it can be a serious illness. But with the right help and support it is possible to get through it. This website has been created to help you understand more about depression so you, or a loved one, can find a way through it. Everyone's experience of depression is different so take some time to explore the site and find what is going to work for you.

John Kirwan
If you'd like some guidance, JK can teach you the skills to help tackle depression in The Journal, a free online programme to help you through. You can do the programme in your own time. The Journal uses adobe flash, which unfortunately doesn’t work on your mobile or tablet, so please visit the site again on a computer and you can get started from this page.

If you want to know more about the programme now, you can read the overview or watch the demo video.

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