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Sunday 11 October 2015

The GC. WTF?

Posted in: Television
By Jacqui Stanford - 3rd May 2012

The GC … it obviously doesn't stand for good content, or much gay content … although some wits in the social media-verse have decided it stands for the ‘gay c***s' because it involves straight men shaving their legs and straightening their hair.

While we scratch our heads about why our taxpayer dollars are funding a bunch of arrogant, sometimes slightly funny, mostly cringe-worthy and continually hopped-up too cool for school young men in their quest for fame, money and women, we also ponder on the fleeting appearances of our own Alby Waititi.

First seen cruising along in his convertible, he then popped up at a housewarming and managed to name drop the ‘NZAF', in regards to his work as a Get It On! model, which provoked the response from one of his dense and pretty female sidekicks: “Is that, like, condoms?”

Where was Alby? In the bedroom talking about clothes with the girls ...
Waititi was then relegated to the bedroom for the majority of the rest of the episode. Sadly that's not as hot as it sounds: he was there giving the women tips about their clothing. So far the show has done nothing to break down stereotypes, while its make up department has also failed to give Waititi enough powder – why was he so shiny?!

One of the many strange things about the show is the homophobia that has been unleashed about it online, not because of Waititi's involvement, but because the straight guys are pretty boys who spend hours in front of the mirror, which must mean they're gay right? Um, no.

Maybe they look at themselves so much because their women are so boring. I mean sorry, but no amount of make-up can hide a complete lack of personality. And never mind the one who tried to diagnose the mental health issues of her friend's boyfriend and urge him to “seek mental guidance!” Um, what?

Our favourite quote of the night didn't come from the show, although there were some good ones (calling women you want to get with ‘aunties', really!?) but from our clever friend Dan News, who nailed it with: “I'm waiting for Monique to turn up at the housewarming and tell everyone she thinks they are dumb. #TheGC”

But will we watch next week so we can mock it mercilessly? Probably. It's the modern Catch 22 of reality TV, and we're suckers for it. It's all very sad really.

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Jacqui Stanford - 3rd May 2012

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