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Sunday 11 October 2015

Richie Hardcore joins The Nutters Club

Posted in: Television
By - 13th October 2013

For Richie Hardcore - a name he adopted for himself - his personal motto sums up his own story of survival: ‘Fighting Saved My Life’.

It’s a challenging motto for a young man who has found peace in the tough, punishing world of Muay Thai Boxing.A champion martial artist, Richie speaks about the issues facing young people growing up with the consequences of family relationships ruled by alcohol and violence.

A fighter he may be but Richie is an intelligent, switched on communicator, alert to the needs of a new generation raised in the shadows of fear and self-doubt.For this youthful looking man, the rigours of the ring provide a confidence to push through any obstacle to purpose and self-worth.

Hardcore works as a Community Action Youth and Drugs facilitator for Auckland Council, focusing on tertiary institutions and the LGBT community.

Richie Hardcore appears this Monday night on The Nutters Club with Mike King on Maori Television at 9:30PM. - 13th October 2013

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