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Sunday 11 October 2015

Review: Lip Service

Posted in: Television
By Jacqui Stanford - 20th February 2011


Since The L Word jumped the shark and died in a mess of Jenny madness, there has been little of substance on offer for women-who-love women from the world of TV, apart from bit parts in soap operas and the 'oooh it's so bad but I just can't look away' compulsion of The Real L Word.

Cue Lip Service, a lesbian series based in Glasgow which manages to pack a great deal of drama into just six episodes, where it explores "sex, lies and true love among a group of 20-something lesbians".

That description is rather L Word-esque and following that theme I guess you could call the stunning protagonist Frankie (Ruta Gedmintas ) "the Shane" of the story, I mean she is extremely smoking hot and manages to pull just about any woman she wants. She's also incredibly messed up and likes to run away from anyone who captures a piece of her heart, particularly her architect ex girlfriend Cat (Laura Fraser) who she bailed on, running away to New York in fear of making it work.

The two are slammed back together by a death in Frankie's family, which provokes mystery about her true parentage, something she spends the next five episodes solving, while trying to deal with the fact Cat is attempting to move on with a rather hot detective.

Phew. Is that enough lesbian drama for you? And that's the edited down explanation.

There's also Cat's unlucky in love best friend Lou, who falls for a closeted daytime TV star and is cutely unaware that Cat's brother Ed is madly in love with her. And of course there is the straight best friend of the group Jay, a party-loving womaniser who is trying to reform with just one woman.

Thanks to its Glasgow setting, Lip Service is much rawer and less pretentious than The L Word and while it's hard to describe anything made for TV as realistic, there are plenty of moments that may have you thinking "well this storyline is a little reminiscent of me and my ex."

It's definitely worth a watch if you can get your hands on a copy, have a friend who can send it over from the UK or can buy it from an online store.

The great news is a second season has been confirmed. Prepare to be addicted.

Jacqui Stanford - 20th February 2011

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