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Sunday 11 October 2015

Good morning's new agony aunts

Posted in: Performance, Television
By Jacqui Stanford - 1st August 2012

Buffy and Bimbo will be answering questions on anything and everything to do with etiquette in a new segment on Good Morning, which begins this Friday. We find out more!

“Can’t make it to your best-friend wedding? Sick of your mother-in-laws bad breath? Tired of having the neighbour’s kids in your house? Agony Aunts Buffy and Bimbo help tackle your social etiquette problems,” is the set-up from TV One’s show Good Morning.

It’s given a permanent gig to Buffy and Bimbo, the frivolous alter egos of Auckland couple Jonathan Smith and Kevin Baker. Smith explains the new gig came about after the pair’s last appearance on the TVNZ show where they had a fair bit of fun promoting Queen of the Whole Universe.

“They commented during our last appearance how professional we were and how good we were on screen,” he says. The pair appeared on the show on Friday 6 July, was offered a contract the following Monday and sealed the deal two days later.

“WOW - it was quick,” Smith says.

“Kevin and I are very, very excited at this amazing opportunity. We both realise that if we do this well it could be the step in the door of TV land that we have been looking for a long time,” he says.

“Hopefully this is the beginning of a major paradigm shift in television in New Zealand although I think we have moved a long way in the past few years with openly gay reporters, weather men etc. Maybe they are now acknowledging that drag is an art form and has a place when presented professionally,” Smith adds.

The colourful pair will mainly be answering 'etiquette' questions but people can also send personal problems they want resolved, by emailing “Attn: Agony Aunts Buffy & Bimbo”.

After the finale of the show the pair created, Queen of the Whole Universe, in its pageant form, Smith says the couple has plenty to be excited about. They have also been working with Richard Taylor and Weta Workshop on Project Born, a successful Neonatal Trust fundraiser which will be run again this year in with the Hobbit World Premiere.

“And now this with TV One - we are over the moon,” Smith says. “We have worked really hard over the years and have always been very professional in everything we do so maybe we deserve it!”

Jacqui Stanford - 1st August 2012

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