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Sunday 11 October 2015

Ak Outgames face axe without urgent help

Posted in: Out Games News
By Daily News staff - 3rd August 2015

The organisers of the Auckland Outgames are appealing for community support due to a raft of resignations and urgent need for funding.

Some of the original Outgames team at the event's launch

All the members of the Board and some of the Executive team have stepped down.

A pairing of Craig Watson and Ashley Barratt have now stepped in to try and lead a drive for support and sponsorship, which they say come with a new sense of urgency.

“Unless significant funding is secured within the next week or so, and the Auckland rainbow community partners with us, then Auckland could miss out on February’s Outgames,” the pair says.

Barratt and Watson say the Gay and Lesbian International Sporting Association (GLISA) Asia Pacific, who have provided the licence to hold the event, are now actively working alongside a smaller Executive to plan for a scaled down Outgames.

They say “a robust plan” is being developed to deliver the Outgames in February, but for this to happen, the Auckland Outgames needs two things.

The first is moderate sponsorship so it can be confident that it will be financially viable.

“We are not being unrealistic in our expectations. We are calling out to the community to rally together and identify some funding channels to support this fantastic event,” Watson says.

He adds it also needs community support. “We need to partner with sporting groups, cultural groups and Human Rights organisers to pull this event off. It really needs to be a community effort

“We are so close to being able to make this Outgames fantastic. We are just hoping that with a bit of funding, and a lot of community collaboration, we can make it happen for Auckland.” can put you in touch with the pair if you can help in any way. Daily News staff - 3rd August 2015

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