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General Forum Area / Re: Needing Advice
« Last post by Daily News on 03 Jul 15, 09:44:am »
Hey there - give the friendly folks at OUTLine a call: 0800 OUTLINE (6885463). They will have plenty of advice to offer.
General Forum Area / Needing Advice
« Last post by hidden on 30 Jun 15, 03:03:pm »
I moved out of home six months ago and am now living with a couple who are the only people that know I am gay. One of the main reasons for moving out of home was so I was no longer dependant on my parents so I could remove at least that fear from my mind before coming out to my family. Although, with it being six months later, I have not told anyone else that I am gay. I feel that I am comfortable with who I am and have accepted my sexuality but is this a sign that subconsciously I am not ready yet? I am ready to get on with my life as a gay man but I just cant seem to make that leap of faith.

Any advice??
Teenz Zone: For under 20 Year Olds / Try Rainbow Youth Re: Love Interests
« Last post by Jim on 30 Jun 15, 01:27:pm »
Pop along to one of the groups for LGBTIQ young people.  Rainbow Youth co-ordinates a few groups in Auckland, and there are others.

If you're shy contact a group co-ordinator first so they can give you an idea what to expect.  Mainly talking, sometimes going out together for social times. Fun stuff.  No guarantee of a boyfriend but better odds than at school.
Teenz Zone: For under 20 Year Olds / Love Interests
« Last post by Purpledolf on 28 Jun 15, 02:24:pm »
I only recently came out at the age of 15 and all has gone well so far as my friends and family have been accepting and nothing in my life has changed all that much.

The problem is I really want a boyfriend as I feel im at that stage in my maturity where I want a relationship but I have a major dilemma, I'm the only person out at my school xD. There are plenty of guys I like yet it's near impossible to tell if they are gay or even for that fact have a crush on me.

Any body got some ideas???

General Forum Area / Re: the dating section has gone
« Last post by straightuplads on 14 Jun 15, 05:39:pm »
but there is not improvement.
This website is dying.
Relationships / Donor/Co parent wanted
« Last post by Fidere on 09 Jun 15, 11:36:pm »
I am a 34 year old single female wanting to have a child. I live in Auckland but would be happy to consider donors from outside of Auckland, I have a good job and a supportive family but am in need of some donor assistance.
I am happy to consider co-parenting, in fact think that would be a perfect situation for any possible baby who comes along! I am would also be just as grateful if there is someone willing to donate their sperm.

Relationships / Re: Looking for a sperm donor
« Last post by shannon on 06 Jun 15, 11:53:pm »
We live in Auckland but we don't mind where in New Zealand the sperm comes from!   :D
Relationships / Re: Looking for a sperm donor
« Last post by Jim on 06 Jun 15, 11:17:pm »
Not my thing but for others who may be interested, you may want to say what part of New Zealand you live in.
Relationships / Looking for a sperm donor
« Last post by shannon on 05 Jun 15, 06:13:pm »
Hi, we are Shannon and Jake and we are looking to have our first child with the help of a sperm donor.

We have been together for more than twelve years and married for six of those years, and we have often discussed having children over that time. When we first got together in our late teens we were both women, and remained in a lesbian relationship for nearly a decade before Jake transitioned to become a man. So, we have known since we got together that our parenting journey would include a sperm donor, as Jake obviously does not produce sperm! We are happy and comfortable with this and are looking for the right donor to help us fulfil our dreams of parenthood. We would like to have at least two children.

We don't have many requests for our donor in terms of appearance, interests, sexual orientation, marital status, etc. Our biggest concern is that we want to welcome a child into our lives and experience parenthood to its fullest, and our vision of that does not include a coparenting role from our donor. We would, however, greatly value a donor's contribution to our life, and feel that it's important for our child(ren) to know their donor when they feel ready to ask those questions. It will never be a secret that they were made possible by sperm donation, and we would encourage a relationship between any siblings outside of our family as well.

If you think we might be a good match please get hold of us and let's chat.  ^-^
Good on you! And just remember if you do at any stage need someone to talk to, you can give 0800 OUTLINE a call.
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