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Coming Out Questions/Discussion/Experiences / First step to coming out
« Last post by MrAnon on 30 May 15, 11:12:pm »
Today I made the first big step to coming out!!! While hanging out with some of my closest friends one of my friends had said 'you can be my gay best friend' and I replied 'yeah I can'.
I was so happy to say this and that lead to them asking more questions because they were absolutely astonished. So I confirmed to them that I was gay and I just felt so much more comfortable. At first I was just in shock that I had actually overcome my fears and be myself and tell my friends who I am. For people who are coming out that are scared, I recommend telling the people that you can trust first because it will allow you to feel more comfortable with people that care about you, I had this feeling today and it felt amazing. My next step is to tell my family. :-*
Relationships / Re: Co-parenting
« Last post by moomintroll on 28 May 15, 07:43:pm »
I hate replying to my own posts, but just thought I'd share a link to my blog: (it's about trying to become a co-parent)
General Forum Area / Yet again......
« Last post by rightside on 09 May 15, 12:42:pm »'s so called politics expert has demonstrated how far out of touch with reality he is. Having , for years , predicted, completely wrongly, that his much loved ( by him anyway!!) NZ Labour Party  would triumph in the NZ Elections, craig young has of late tried to beat the same old drum in relation to the British Parliamentary Elections.
Yet again craig young and his predictions have been shown to be completely out of touch with the mood of society, with the British Conservative Party ending up , post election, in a stronger position that prior to voting day.
One could be forgiven for believing that the hate filled rants by craig young about any group with religious affiliations are as wide of the mark as his political musings.
For as long as continue to promote the illogical, ill informed ravings of craig young, it will be difficult to see the website as a credible source of gay news and information.
Daily News Comment / No Room for Gays in Kenya
« Last post by AJ77 on 07 May 15, 02:24:am »
Why do you feel the need to refer to the law in Kenya that makes homosexuality illegal as a "colonial era law"?  Is it in part some small effort to make the reader believe that the views that homosexuality is "un-African" are actually a British ideal and not an African one, thereby rendering the thought process as a colonial imposition upon ignorant Africans who know no better and are thus incapable of changing their law after fifty years and a whole progression of the developed world?
Kenyan democracy - all of it - is 'colonial era'.  Even the nation of Kenya is a result of British colonialism.  The basis of Kenyan democracy is a result of another country imposing its evil Western views onto it.  We never hear that!  But when it comes to Kenya's laws that render homosexuals subhuman, you don't put the blame for that viewpoint on the Kenyans; rather, you make it out that it's just a British layover and that the poor, black, tribal Kenyan knows no better, that they're too stupid and monkey-ish to actually acknowledge that the way they're thinking and and the laws that they follow are wrong. 
Kenya's anti-gay laws are there because Kenyans - in all their knowledgeable, non-oppressed blackness want them.
Kenya is homophobic.  Kenya is stuck in the past.  Kenya is LOOOOOOONG independent.
Own it, and cut the shit.
General Forum Area / Re: the dating section has gone
« Last post by kestrel49 on 17 Apr 15, 12:00:am »
In the first couple of seconds I was downhearted, enraged, whatever but then I got to thinking. If they're going to concentrate on the other sections, there should be an improvement in the site.
Relationships / Sperm donor looking for a mother
« Last post by Moonlet on 07 Apr 15, 07:35:pm »
I am a single, intelligent, healthy 30 year old mostly gay male living in the Manawatu, and my dream is to be a dad. I am open to all options at the moment including surrogacy and being a sperm donor for a single female or couple, but I must be allowed to be part of the childs life. I am NZ European, have a great job and a nice home. I have a huge ball of love inside me going to waste, and I think it is the perfect time in my life to try and make my dream come true.

If you are looking for a sperm donor or know someone that may want to be a surrogate mother, please get in contact with me. I would prefer someone that lives in the Manawatu or close, but this is not set in stone.

Still looking as at 05/07/15  :-\
General Forum Area / the dating section has gone
« Last post by straightuplads on 07 Apr 15, 05:34:pm »
even thought it has been unpopular for under 35 yo in recent years, but at least it is a platform for us to find the other one. Does the admin want people to post their "hunting bf" threads here?

And also the job providing/seeking section is unique, if you argue that dating can be replaced by other websites. Hopefully this section will be back with the flat section.

Hi. I wish I had seen your post a few months earlier, because I am actually looking for a lesbian couple to co-parent with. I'm sure you've probably already found someone so good luck and I hope it's all going well. Do you have any advice for someone like me, having gone through the process yourselves? Do you know of any other couples that are looking for co-parents?

Best wishes,
General Forum Area / Re: Hormone treatment in prisons for transexuals
« Last post by Jim on 04 Apr 15, 07:34:pm »
The Corrections website says

Prisoners often continue taking the same medicine

In New Zealand, we don’t automatically ‘stop’ prisoners’ medicines when they enter prison. Prisoners continue on the same medication until the medical officer (the doctor) has assessed their health and reviewed their medicines. Often, the same medication is continued, though some changes may be made depending on the doctor’s assessment of the prisoner’s needs. One of our registered nurses checks all medicines brought into prison to ensure they are safe – for example, to check it hasn’t expired and that it belongs to that person.

We prescribe any necessary drugs

Prison doctors can prescribe any medication that the patient needs. We treat prisoners in a holistic way to find alternatives to addictive drugs, thus supporting their rehabilitation and reintegration. Prisoners who are addicted to drugs, alcohol, or cigarettes are never forced to withdraw suddenly without help. For example, we follow best practice clinical guidelines for alcohol and drug withdrawal, and for smokers we provide smoking cessation support, including access to counselling and nicotine replacement therapy.

Prisoners access specialist health services

Prisoners who are referred for specialist services, including hospital care, are treated like anyone in the country; they have to meet the same criteria and wait the same length of time.

So - if already on meds that work and your doctor respected by prison doctor, should probably be OK.  If not yet on meds, or doctor unknown, or prison doctor doesn't like you - may be problems.

If facing this issue, get legal advice from a lawyer like Kelly Ellis who is knowledgeable in the rules.

We are actually just getting some new info from Corrections on this and should have an answer for you soon!
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