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 RIP: Harold Robinson, gay legend
Posted in: New Zealand Daily News, Community  9th March 2012
Harold Robinson, Covent Garden dancer, Freda Stark's husband, entertainer and irrepressible gay party boy died this afternoon, aged 93.

 Underlying attitude mocks transgender people
Posted in: Community, Our Communities  29th February 2012
Ian Anderson and Rosie Jimson-Healey have responded to Rosemary McLeod’s ‘he-she’ piece with their own column, which you can read here.

 A year on
Posted in: Community  22nd February 2012
Glbt Christchurch residents we have spoken to agree the community is rising up even stronger in the wake of the devastation.

 On same-sex marriage
Posted in: Features, Community  4th February 2012
Rainbow Wellington Chair Tony Simpson has been gathering his thoughts on same-sex marriage. Here's a thought-provoking piece he's penned on the issue.

 A year of ups and downs
Posted in: Blogger Zone, Community  31st December 2011 blogger Michael Stevens wishes readers a great time on NYE, and a wonderful 2012.

 "I am a queer avenger"
Posted in: Community  9th October 2011
Read three compelling speeches from members of Wellington's Queer Avengers, including two high school students, who are fighting for change in the education system.

 From Marlborough?
Posted in: Our Communities, Community  22nd September 2011
Glbti people who went to school in Marlborough are being asked to share their experiences from the schoolyard and the classroom, in a campaign driven by the local police DLO.

 Ten free gay-friendly activities in Auckland
Posted in: Community  20th July 2011
Reader Alexander Lowë has put together a fun list of ten free gay-friendly things you can do in Auckland to ward off the winter blues.

 Meet John Kingi
Posted in: Community  6th July 2011
Rainbow Youth's new Chair knows just what it's like to come out as a teenager and is passionate about keeping up the organisation's fabulous work.

 Young Queers of Aotearoa – We stand with you!
Posted in: Community  17th June 2011
OutlineNZ's General Manager Vaughan Meneses shares his message of empowerment and support for young gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender youth.

 Mucking In, Mangawhai style
Posted in: Community  8th April 2011
With volunteers helping arson-hit couple Lindsay Curnow and Juliet Leigh with the clean up, we ask whether the level of support has helped. "Oh shit yes," Curnow tells us.

 Look both ways before crossing the street
Posted in: Blogger Zone, Community  5th April 2011
"No-one ever tried to kill me at school, at least not physically. The weapons of my bullies were words, and they knew exactly which ones were the sharpest ..."

 An emotional end to a far-reaching conference
Posted in: Community  19th March 2011
"First they ignore you, then they ridicule you, then they fight you, then you win." - Mahatma Ghandi, quoted several times during the Human Rights Conference

 Never forget this moment
Posted in: Community  25th February 2011
"The catastrophic earthquake in Christchurch is something that many of us will fail to comprehend for a very long time."

 Plenty on the boil at Rainbow Youth
Posted in: Community  14th February 2011
Rainbow Youth's new staff member Jack Trolove has hit the ground running, working to ensure the nation's queer youth are getting as much support as possible.