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 The AIDS Quilt panels at rest
Posted in: HIV, Features  18th May 2014
Deep in a Te Papa storage vault the lovingly crafted AIDS Memorial Quilt panels lie in specially made cloth bags. was allowed to visit their final resting place...

 Shaun Robinson on PrEP
Posted in: HIV, Features  4th April 2014
NZAF Executive Director Shaun Robinson discusses perspectives around Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis (PrEP) and need for being realistic in its limitations.

 "Not everything that looks great is good at all"
Posted in: HIV  28th March 2014
Justin, 24, has a sobering message for young gay men, after going from being a porn actor, to lying in a hospital bed with full-blown AIDS.

 Check-up: Dr Charles Farthing
Posted in: HIV  27th March 2014
New Zealander Dr Charles Farthing is the Asia Pacific Director of Medical Affairs for HIV and anti-infectives at Merck Sharp & Dohme. We caught up with him on his work, and issues like PrEP, treatment for prevention, discrimination and the ongoing search for a cure.

 The blood debate: one year deferral?
Posted in: HIV, Features  13th December 2013
The NZAF backs a move to cut the stand down period for gay men giving blood to a year. Rainbow Wellington says decisions should be made on a case-by-case basis.

 A Death in the Family
Posted in: Movies, HIV  19th July 2013
NZ On Film has made Peter Wells and Stewart Main's ground-breaking 1986 film A Death in the Family available to watch online.

 “Still a lot of fear around HIV”
Posted in: HIV  9th June 2013
Richard Tankersley was on John Tamihere's Think Tank this morning to discuss the issue of prejudice, particularly when it comes to people living with HIV.

 Candlelight Memorial: Tributes and memories
Posted in: HIV  19th May 2013
Readers share memories and tributes to people they have loved and lost, as we mark the 30th International AIDS Candlelight Memorial.

 Candlelight memorial: tributes and memories sought
Posted in: HIV, Features  16th May 2013
This Sunday is the 30th International AIDS Candlelight Memorial. Would you like to share your memories of people you have loved and lost? We are planning a tributes and memories page, which we will run on Sunday.

 Back to normal after World AIDS Day
Posted in: HIV, Features  2nd December 2012
World AIDS Day has come and gone. We can get back to normal. But normal for many men with HIV is, financially and medically, pretty rough. Can you spare a few dollars?

 HIV Takes Over
Posted in: HIV  1st December 2012
Southland high school student Huntah Calder has put some serious effort into researching HIV. He shares his findings here.

 Anal cancer added to list of HIV-related afflictions
Posted in: New Zealand Daily News, HIV  25th November 2012
Yet another medical malady, anal cancer, looks set to be added to the problems beginning to afflict people who are long-term survivors of HIV infection.

 Why are we still dealing with this shit?
Posted in: HIV, Blogger Zone, Features  15th May 2012
Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you would have noticed the scandalous behaviour last week from a childcare centre in Northland. Michael Stevens shares his disgust.

 Body Positive: Providing the final safety net
Posted in: HIV, Health & HIV  8th March 2012
Using their meagre resources HIV peer support organisations help their fellow HIV positive people in need, reaching even into a Thai jail if needed...

 Why is HIV Invisible?
Posted in: HIV, Blogger Zone, Features  1st December 2011
December 1st is World AIDS Day, the UN’s theme this year is “Getting to Zero” but who would know it here in New Zealand? As I write this, I can find zero public notice of the fact.