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Sunday 11 October 2015

MKR: 'Social media buddies' eliminated

Posted in: Television
By Daily News staff - 9th October 2014


‘Social media buddies’ Sam Sutherland and Dan Freeman have been eliminated from My Kitchen Rules after a kitchen nightmare.

After issues with cooking time, the Aucklanders served raw lamb to the judges, which none of them ate.

Judge Sean Connolly declared the taco-crusted lamb to be ‘absolute rubbish’ and scored the team a zero and criticised Freeman’s nervous laughter.

Fellow judge Grace Ramirez gave the pair a one for claiming they had “butchered her culture”.

Sutherland and Freeman scored just 12 out of 60 and were eliminated, just a week after a strong showing in another sudden death cook-off saved their bacon.

The good friends faced questions about their sexuality from viewers, which Sutherland says was “kind of awkward”.

He told the Herald on Sunday, "We kind of thought it could happen and it's kind of funny, but we want to clear it up at this stage ... I'm gay, Dan's not."

The pair have a number of gay friends in their circle and Freeman said "We sort of stopped thinking about it. We're never concerned with the sexuality of people. It's not the defining attribute for us that it is for lots of other people."

While they were upset about leaving on such a low note, they’ve since had a sense of humour about their elimination, posting on their Facebook page:


Couple Jessie and Ricki also had a memorable night,  even though they weren’t cooking, with a slip of the tongue which was quickly turned into a meme:


Wellington couple Ian and Sandie also went home in a double elimination show. Daily News staff - 9th October 2014

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