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 Comment: Understanding the transphobic movement
Posted in: Comment  9th July 2015
What lies at the diseased roots of Family First's latest transphobic diatribe? Craig Young has tracked down several US Christian Right websites that explain quite a lot about "Girl Boy Other."

 Comment: Suffer Not the Children
Posted in: Comment, Features  30th June 2015
Family First has just released a misleading and inaccurate report about gender dysphoria in childhood. But what does the science actually say, and why have such tactics failed in the US?

 Colingate: Scandal's End?
Posted in: Comment  28th June 2015
It may finally be all over with the Conservative Party's Colin Craig scandal. The party board have suspended their former leader from party membership. So, what happens now?

 Comment: VMEUSA Day
Posted in: Comment  27th June 2015
The US Supreme Court has struck down all remaining state barriers against marriage equality, enabling it throughout the United States- an historic victory for the US LGBT community.

 Comment: You have to be encapsulated
Posted in: Comment  24th June 2015
Sectarianism. It's the habitual status and curse of antigay pressure groups, but what does the term actually mean for LGBT organisations and individuals who oppose 'sectarians?' And how does this affect current insights into the unfolding crisis within New Zealand's Conservative Party?

 Comment: Colin Craig versus the Conservatives?
Posted in: Comment  20th June 2015
Can the Conservatives survive the downfall of Colin Craig? Craig Young looks at the developments.

 Comment: Conservative Party Feels the Heat
Posted in: Comment  19th June 2015
Venturing out for the first time in several months, Colin Craig shared a sauna with TV3's David Farrier, fully clothed.

 Comment: Charity Case?
Posted in: Comment  12th June 2015
Once again, it's time to sample New Zealand charity case law and discern whether conservative Christian lobby and pressure groups deserve 'charitable status.'

 Comment: Whitewashing service discrimination
Posted in: Comment  5th June 2015
In the United States, one major recent issue for LGBT Americans dealt with "religious liberty"...or, to use its real provenance, service provider discrimination.

 P&R: Close and Fade?
Posted in: Comment  30th May 2015
May 2015 wasn't a good month for religious social conservatives, whether in New Zealand or elsewhere in the world.

 In-Trans-Sigent: The Key administration and Transgender Rights
Posted in: Comment  20th May 2015
Craig Young asks, how do LGBT New Zealanders get the general public to support transgender rights concerns?

 Comment: Don't Stop Hillary
Posted in: Comment  14th May 2015
It looks as if Hillary Rodham Clinton will end up winning the Democrat presidential nomination in 2016 and may well end up as the United States' first female President.

 Comment: Uncertain Trajectories?
Posted in: Comment  9th May 2015
Well, the British election is over, with some surprising outcomes. What does it all mean for the British LGBT communities?

 Stark Dichotomy: The SNP and Northern Ireland LGBT manifestos
Posted in: Comment  4th May 2015
Given that it may hold the balance of power and go into coalition with Labour despite Ed Miliband's statements to the contrary, what does the Scottish Nationalist Party say about LGBT issues within its manifesto? And what about Northern Ireland's political parties?

 UKIP: News from the Far Right
Posted in: Comment  30th April 2015
The far right United Kingdom Independence Party tends to attract those who would have once stood for the Conservatives, before the latter asserted quality control over candidate selection.