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 A taste of Mardi Gras
Posted in: Events  8th March 2015
From a prime spot behind the barricades correspondent Matt Akerston of Same Same sends a glimpse of the spectacle that was the Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras Parade.

 2015 Comedy Fest Guide
Posted in: Events  4th March 2015
This year’s NZ International Comedy Festival once again has a massive line-up of out comedians and lgbti-interest shows, including DeAnne Smith, Urzila Carlson, Eli Matthewson and Chris Parker.

 Akl Arts Fest preview: BLAM!
Posted in: Events  4th March 2015
BLAM! uses physical theatre and stunt work to tell the story of a group of employees at the saddest office in the world who re-imagine themselves as their favourite villains and superheroes.

 Best of the Fest
Posted in: Events  2nd March 2015
Three contributors outline their highlights from the 2015 Auckland Pride Festival: Fine Fatale's Freak Show, Mika's Room 1334, the Pride Parade, the Big Gay Out and more.

 Proud 'Gods and Monsters' line-up
Posted in: Events  28th February 2015
The full line-up for the Auckland Pride Festival closing party - the DJs begin at 9pm and the entertainment at 11pm at the Victoria Park complex.

 Ak Pride Parade: First fifteen
Posted in: Events  24th February 2015
A random summing up of some of the frivolous and fantastic aspects of Saturday night's Auckland Pride Parade - from best drag newbie to the nastiest act and biggest balloon budget.

 Lee Krystlle's first Pride march
Posted in: Events  24th February 2015
"I was the float myself and I marched loud and proud!!!" says Lee Krystlle, who is buzzing from the experience of overcoming her fears and walking in the Auckland Pride Parade.

 Auckland Pride Parade live
Posted in: Events  21st February 2015
We were live from Ponsonby with pictures, updates and colour at the third Auckland Pride Parade.'s Pride Central
Posted in: Events  18th February 2015
With so many events to cover, this page is the one stop shop for the latest. We’ll keep updating it as we add new stories, so you have an index to our Auckland Pride Festival coverage.

 Review: Room 1334
Posted in: Events  16th February 2015
It’s difficult to put a tag on Mika ... he's mercurial, unpredictable, impulsive, intuitive, capricious, eccentric – and all in a good way.

 Can Proud go global?
Posted in: Events  16th February 2015
Lyall Hakaraia is organising this year’s Auckland Pride closing party. He wants to make it more international. He tells us why, and what he has up his sleeve.

 Proud 'Gods and Monsters' headliners
Posted in: Events  16th February 2015
Three main acts are being brought in from London, LA and Sydney for the Auckland Pride Fest closing party: Disco Smack, Victor Rodriguez and DJ Sveta. We find out more about them.

 Review: Implicated and Immune
Posted in: Events  15th February 2015
From the bedsheets to human shitballs not everything in this exhibition will appeal or convey a message to everyone, but it is well worth experiencing.

 Heroes to have its swansong
Posted in: Events, Our Communities  12th February 2015
This Sunday will mark the end of a pretty special era, when lesbians gather at the park Bob Harvey once infamously dedicated to them, for the final Heroes Out West.

 Pride at Garnet Station
Posted in: Events  11th February 2015
Auckland café Garnet Station has a banquet of Auckland Pride Festival events on in its cute ‘tiny theatre’, including art, Dykes on Mics and speed dating for lesbians!