Rematerialisation: Colin Craig Versus His “Enemies”

September 12, 2015 in General

Former Conservative Party leader Colin Craig has now  lodged belated defamation proceedings against the party’s former chair, John Stringer, 44 days after threatening to do so within 48 hours.

John Stringer  resigned as the party’s chair in July 2015. He  said the accusations, contained within a three and a half centimetres thick defamation claim, arrived on Friday 11 September.

Craig, who stood down in June 2015 after acknowledging ambiguously described  inappropriate behaviour with his former press secretary, had previously accused Mr Stringer, blogger Cameron Slater and lobbyist Jordan Williams of running a co-ordinated political attack against him - and threatened to sue each of  them within 48 hours. Mr Stringer said he was looking forward to the trial and the opportunity to expose Mr Craig as well as  clearing  his own name. Craig said the suit against Mr Stringer took a long time to compile because Mr Stringer had continued making “defamatory” allegations about him, although Mr Stringer denies that they are so. The substance of those allegations is the matter at the core of these cases.

“There’s been an ongoing campaign of defamation, continual blog publications, continual media statements by Mr Stringer that are untrue, and that are defamatory of me. So, what we have done is we’ve taken the action as we promised we would – and we expect the courts to sort it out from here.” Craig said he had also  already filed proceedings against Mr Slater and expected to serve Mr Williams within the next two weeks, although Mr Williams is reciprocally suing Craig for alleged defamation in turn.

As for Mr Stringer,  he asserted that the suit that arrived yesterday had been long threatened by Colin Craig and he had begun to wonder if it would ever arrive. He said Colin Craig, who stood down earlier had so far avoided all opportunities to have a full and frank discussion with  his former  colleagues. Mr Stringer said the court case would be a chance to check the record straight and ask probing questions of Mr Craig.  He added that:

“This is really only a backwards step for Colin Craig, his track record with defamation suits is that he drops them anyway. We have to have full disclosure in a court case, and myself and the other two gentlemen who’ve also been served I understand, will bring out all of the bits and pieces that we’ve been wanting to talk about.”


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