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 PrEP a 'reasonable option' for some NZ men
Posted in: New Zealand Daily News, HIV  25th September 2015
A local infectious diseases specialist says HIV prevention drug PrEP is a reasonable option for protecting New Zealand gay and bisexual men, who aren't using condoms, from HIV.

 Ministry of Health release information about GRS funding
Posted in: Health & HIV, Features  24th September 2015
Jennifer Shields says the release of information from the Ministry of Health on funding for gender reassignment surgery shows the outlook is bleak.

 30 years on: The "Nuremberg Rally"
Posted in: Our Communities  24th September 2015
Today marks 30 years since one of the most vile days in our community's history. The weird and creepy ‘Nuremberg Rally’ against Homosexual Law Reform arrived at Parliament.

 Critics rip Stonewall apart
Posted in: Worth Checking Out, Features  24th September 2015
Critics are shredding the movie Stonewall. Vanity Fair says it's "terribly offensive, and offensively terrible" and "makes a mess of history".

 Book preview: The Adventures of Jonathan Dennis
Posted in: Books  23rd September 2015
A new book is being launched in Wellington telling the story of the founding director of the New Zealand Film Archive, out and proud gay man Jonathan Dennis. And there are some tales from his life to tell!

 HIV prevention: We risk being left behind
Posted in: Health & HIV, Features  22nd September 2015
Leading NZ HIV researcher believes we can dramatically alter trajectory of epidemic among gay/bi men by adding enhanced testing, immediate treatment and targeted PrEP use to condom use.

 Watch: Hamilton Pride closing night
Posted in: Events  21st September 2015
It's a wrap for Hamilton Pride! Check out Camera Man's video from the closing night party here.

 Reprised: Gay guide to the Rugby World Cup
Posted in: Events  19th September 2015
It's back! You loved it the first time, so we have updated our unofficial, unreliable, uncensored and probably offensive gay guide to the Rugby World Cup.

 Help a songbird soar: Luana Howard
Posted in: True Stories  18th September 2015
Impressive young Kiwi Luana Howard has overcome small town bullying over her sexuality to chase her dream of becoming an opera singer - and would love your help to further her studies in Italy!

 Becoming mums: tips for getting started
Posted in: True Stories  16th September 2015
Donors, legal agreements and doing it ... Jacqui Stanford has been asked lots of questions from other queer and lesbian women since she became pregnant, and shares some tips.

 Comment: Breaking the Abbott
Posted in: Comment, Features  15th September 2015
And so it ends. Across the Tasman, the governing federal Liberal Party caucus has voted to oust Tony Abbott after a secret ballot and replace him with Malcolm Turnbull.

 Watch: Hamilton Pride launch party video
Posted in: Events  15th September 2015
The Hamilton lgbti community’s resident photographer Camera Man has put together a video from the opening night of Hamilton Pride, which went off!

 Our stories on stage, in our own words
Posted in: Performance  14th September 2015
A new documentary-style play will tell the stories of lgbt people from around the country, in their own words, with actors listening to MP3 players on stage and performing interviews word for word.

 Listen: queer history in the making panel
Posted in: Our Communities  13th September 2015
Listen to audio from the panel discussion on queer history, held during the community event Queer History in the Making in Wellington.

 A wedding in the rain
Posted in: Weddings & Civil Unions, Blogger Zone  11th September 2015
"Turns out Chels and Sami had been planning to elope, but at the last minute decided they’d like to include a small circle of family and friends. It felt like a rather large conspiracy."