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 Watch: The 30 Project episode 1
Posted in: HIV, Features  1st July 2015
The New Zealand AIDS Foundation has released the first episode of the 30 Project as it prepares for its 30th anniversary celebration at Auckland Museum tonight.

 Watch: Me, Myself and I
Posted in: Living Well, Features, Worth Checking Out  15th June 2015
Common Ground shares the story of Gabe, a Samoan teen who has recently become more aware of his attraction to other boys, and feels that there is no one around him who'd understand.

 NZ's HIV prevention debate: a West Australian view
Posted in: Health & HIV  11th June 2015
The West Australian AIDS Council gives its own critique of Michael Stevens' criticism the NZ AIDS Foundation's on-going safe sex promotion message.

 HIV prevention, a different perspective
Posted in: Health & HIV, Features  5th June 2015
NZAF head Shaun Robinson says careful strategy is needed in the face of rising HIV diagnosis figures but condoms must remain at the forefront of prevention efforts while alternatives are approached with caution.

 Condoms are working!
Posted in: Health & HIV, Features  5th June 2015
Sexual health researcher Dr Peter Saxton disagrees with a claim that our increase in HIV diagnoses means the condom-focused HIV prevention strategy isn't working.

 Something's not working
Posted in: Health & HIV, Features  4th June 2015
"You cannot blame every new infection on NZAF failure – but when it is a consistent upward trend then it’s reasonable to ask what’s going wrong," writes Michael Stevens.

 HIV and AIDS - The Earliest Days, Pt.2
Posted in: Health & HIV  31st May 2015
Dr. Rod Ellis-Pegler describes the build-up of cases of fatal HIV and the international intransigence in the face of the expanding epidemic. And the disastrous effects HIV had on the health of hundreds of gay New Zealand men.

 HIV and AIDS - The Earliest days, Pt 1.
Posted in: Health & HIV, Features  17th May 2015
Retired Infectious Diseases specialist Rod Ellis-Pegler recalls the early days as HIV and AIDS moved from ignorance to fear to death and crept inexorably through our national community of gay and bisexual men.

 STI cuts won't affect Ak gay, trans & HIV folk
Posted in: New Zealand Daily News, Health & HIV  12th May 2015
A 30% cut in sexual health services provided to the Auckland region will not affect transgender people, men who have sex with men and people with HIV, according to a circulating discussion document and a sexual health physician.

 The relationship conversations we need to have
Posted in: Living Well, Features  12th May 2015
Educator Vicky Wood wants to start a conversation about healthy relationships in our communities, and will begin with a workshop for queer and trans young people in Auckland.

 Elizabeth Kerekere’s Top Relationship Tips
Posted in: Health & HIV, Features  6th May 2015
"Great relationships are woven from strands of laughter, thoughtfulness and shared experience to create a taonga of trust, respect and intimacy – not work but a labour of love".

 Ushering in change for people with HIV - Pt 2
Posted in: Health & HIV, Features  3rd May 2015
Awareness, education, leadership and community fundraising are amongst the tools new Body Positive boss Mark Fisher will draw on... and a deeply personal experience of HIV.

 NZAF's first National HIV Testing Month begins
Posted in: HIV, Features  1st May 2015
The New Zealand AIDS Foundation’s National HIV Testing Month is underway, with family and friends urged to get involved in encouraging people to get tested for HIV and STIs.

 Ushering in change for people with HIV - Pt 1
Posted in: Health & HIV, Features  27th April 2015
In these changing times of the HIV epidemic in our midst a new boss of our largest HIV-positive people's support and advocacy organisation signals Body Positive is ready to reinvent itself.

 HIV antibody trial has a breakthrough
Posted in: International News, HIV  9th April 2015
A new HIV treatment using a synthetic antibody has led to a 300-fold reduction in patients’ viral loads in trials.