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Purchas Cup – Melbourne Chargers B vs Brisbane Hustlers

05 SEP 2015

Game three of the Purchas Cup, held at Ponsonby Rugby Club, with the Brisbane
Hustlers (65) beating the Melbourne Chargers B team (5). Photos supplied by Andrea.

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Chargers_B_vs_ Hustlers-01.JPG
Chargers_B_vs_ Hustlers-01
Chargers_B_vs_ Hustlers-02.JPG
Chargers_B_vs_ Hustlers-02
Chargers_B_vs_ Hustlers-03.JPG
Chargers_B_vs_ Hustlers-03
Chargers_B_vs_ Hustlers-04.JPG
Chargers_B_vs_ Hustlers-04
Chargers_B_vs_ Hustlers-05.JPG
Chargers_B_vs_ Hustlers-05
Chargers_B_vs_ Hustlers-06.JPG
Chargers_B_vs_ Hustlers-06
Chargers_B_vs_ Hustlers-07.JPG
Chargers_B_vs_ Hustlers-07
Chargers_B_vs_ Hustlers-08.JPG
Chargers_B_vs_ Hustlers-08
Chargers_B_vs_ Hustlers-09.JPG
Chargers_B_vs_ Hustlers-09
Chargers_B_vs_ Hustlers-10.JPG
Chargers_B_vs_ Hustlers-10
Chargers_B_vs_ Hustlers-11.JPG
Chargers_B_vs_ Hustlers-11
Chargers_B_vs_ Hustlers-12.JPG
Chargers_B_vs_ Hustlers-12
Chargers_B_vs_ Hustlers-13.JPG
Chargers_B_vs_ Hustlers-13
Chargers_B_vs_ Hustlers-14.JPG
Chargers_B_vs_ Hustlers-14
Chargers_B_vs_ Hustlers-15.JPG
Chargers_B_vs_ Hustlers-15
Chargers_B_vs_ Hustlers-16.JPG
Chargers_B_vs_ Hustlers-16
Chargers_B_vs_ Hustlers-17.JPG
Chargers_B_vs_ Hustlers-17
Chargers_B_vs_ Hustlers-18.JPG
Chargers_B_vs_ Hustlers-18
Chargers_B_vs_ Hustlers-19.JPG
Chargers_B_vs_ Hustlers-19
Chargers_B_vs_ Hustlers-20.JPG
Chargers_B_vs_ Hustlers-20
Chargers_B_vs_ Hustlers-21.JPG
Chargers_B_vs_ Hustlers-21
Chargers_B_vs_ Hustlers-22.JPG
Chargers_B_vs_ Hustlers-22
Chargers_B_vs_ Hustlers-23.JPG
Chargers_B_vs_ Hustlers-23
Chargers_B_vs_ Hustlers-24.JPG
Chargers_B_vs_ Hustlers-24
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