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Saturday 10 October 2015

9th October 2015   International News
LGBT asylum seekers in the UK may face deportation if homosexuality is decriminalised in their home country. The UK may make changes to their asylum system, affecting those who fled... Read more

8th October 2015   International News
A new global network for LGBT Catholics has been launched in Rome amid controversy at a meeting of Bishops. LGBT Catholics from 31 countries around the world have traveled to... Read more

7th October 2015   International News
Islamic State (ISIS) militants have reportedly executed a number of men in Iraq who they believed were gay. The most recent reports are of the deaths of two men on... Read more

5th October 2015   International News
In an unprecedented move, 12 UN agencies have issued a call to action on ending violence and discrimination against LGBT and intersex people. Human Rights Office’s Chief of Global Issues,... Read more

5th October 2015   International News
A Ugandan out lesbian and LGBT rights activist has won the international Right Livelihood Award - widely known as the ‘alternative Nobel Prize’.   Not an award for the world's... Read more

2nd October 2015   International News
Nepal’s constitution now formally includes protection for sexual and gender minority rights. Local support group The Blue Diamond Society says under the principle of ‘inclusion’, the new constitution of Nepal... Read more

1st October 2015   International News
UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon spoke at the a high level LGBT core group event, reaffirming his dedication to fighting LGBT discrimination. In a bold statement deliver at the 'Leaving... Read more

1st October 2015   International News
Pope Francis has met with US homophobic clerk Kim Davis while on tour in the US. Both the Vatican and Davis’ lawyer have confirmed Davis had a 15 minute private... Read more

30th September 2015   International News
LGBT rights have been raised as an issue of importance during the 30th session of the UN Human Rights Council which is currently taking place in Geneva. A Human Rights... Read more

29th September 2015   International News
Advocacy group, GLAAD, have released a new video that exposes the lack of diversity in the mainstream film industry and highlights the casual homophobia written into a substantial number of... Read more