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Our community listings cover regional venues, sports & social groups, support groups and national GLBT organisations.

Also under National Organisations we list New Zealand Police Diversity Liaison Officer contacts for every region.

If your venue or group is not listed, or details require updating, please fill in our free listing contact form.

Note: Every effort is made to keep these listings up-to-date and we rely on YOU to let us know of anything missing or incorrect in your area. We appreciate your feedback to help us and your own community.

New Zealand GLBT Links
General New Zealand GLBT Links of worthwhile interest.


GLBT-friendly NZ Police Contacts:
If you need to contact the NZ Police on a matter that is sensitive due to your sexuality, here are the contacts. Although most NZ police force members are GLBT-friendly, the following officers are especially trained to handle GLBT issues.

Here is a direct link to the NZ Police Diversity Liaison Officers by region

Each Diversity Liaison Officer covers a wide geographic area. Please contact your closest DLO.