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Saturday 10 October 2015

Global network of LGBT Catholics launched

Posted in: International News
By Daily News staff - 8th October 2015

A new global network for LGBT Catholics has been launched in Rome amid controversy at a meeting of Bishops.

LGBT Catholics from 31 countries around the world have traveled to Rome to launch the Global Network of Rainbow Catholics with a Foundational Assembly Conference to coincide with the Vatican’s Synod on the Family.

The Vatican Synod on the Family is reviewing Catholic teachings concerning family life, relationships and reproduction, LGBT issues will also be addressed.

The rainbow group sent an open letter to Bishops attending the Synod saying that the group wishes to work alongside the Bishops and understands that many feel uncomfortable in speaking with LGBT members of the church.

“The last years have not been an easy ride! Many in our Church thought that they were serving God by hating us, and some still do, especially among the hierarchy; but we can tell you with joy, that we have kept alive our Confession of the Catholic faith,” reads the letter.

“We need to support each other, and others more vulnerable than ourselves, at a worldwide level, especially in countries which criminalise us, and even think they are honouring God by killing us. We need to be able to share information, counter falsehood, encourage each other in our needs, and strengthen our families, especially where civil law does not yet respect them. So we have decided to set up a Global network, to bring together groups of LGBTI Catholics, our families and friends, as well as other Christians and people of good will. This will enable us to be much better prepared to share experiences, life stories, examples of best-practice: little miracles of love.”

The first Rainbow Catholics conference also hosted the launch of a new book ‘And God saw that it all was excellent’ with autobiographic stories from LGBT Catholics from Europe.

The meeting of Bishops has so far been dominated by LGBT issues, most recently a Polish priest was dismissed from his duties after he came out as gay.

During his opening address, Pope Francis reaffirmed Catholic opposition to gay marriage.

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