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2014 Fellow: Charlotte Bellis

Our Work / Media Grants / 2014 Fellow: Charlotte Bellis

Charlotte Bellis 2In 2014, the programme provided a $10,000 grant from the Frozen Funds Charitable Trust for a journalism project to Charlotte Bellis.

Charlotte is a freelance journalist with more than 10 years experience. She’s worked for TV news agencies in New Zealand and overseas and her most recent assignments have been with SKY Sports and Prime’s 60 Minutes as a reporter and presenter.

Charlotte’s media grant project is an investigative 60 Minutes story broadcast on 4 May about postnatal depression.

In the weeks and months after giving birth, some mothers become bound by mental illness and it’s not an isolated problem ‒ at least 15% of New Zealand women experience postnatal depression.

Charlotte explores a new maternal mental health service in the North Island targeting 650 mothers and babies each year. The money has largely been channelled to those needing acute care with a new Mothers and Babies unit at Starship Hospital, expanded respite care facilities in the region and offers more in-home care for mothers.

She also talks to those with personal experience of postnatal depression and shares their stories, as well as their perspectives on the benefits of the new service.

Watch A Mother's Anguish now.