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Bryan and Bobby

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Some of his mates might prefer to call it salmon, but pink is definitely the colour of choice for police officer Bryan Ward.

Constable Bryan, who is one half of the dynamic television duo known as Bryan and Bobby, is a proud supporter of Pink Shirt Day (PSD).

The kindly copper and his police dog-in-training Bobby visit hundreds of schools across the country and talk about issues such as bullying and a raft of safety initiatives.

Bryan says the decision to throw his weight behind PSD was an easy one.

“I’d known about PSD for a wee while before we got involved,” he says. “It’s a natural fit because we’ve got the same values – we’re about kids’ safety and wellbeing.”

In the lead-up to the awareness day, Bryan arranged for UK opera star Paul Potts to speak to students at Auckland’s Royal Oak Primary School about his experience of bullying and why he supports the campaign.

“The fact that Paul took time out of his schedule to talk to kids was brilliant and the mark of a real role model,” he says. “It speaks volumes for his character.”

PSD 2015 on the mind

The Bryan and Bobby crew are already thinking about PSD 2015, which promises to be bigger and better than ever.

“We’re trying to get more famous friends of ours to have their photos taken in a pink shirt,” Bryan says.

“We’ve started taking a pink shirt around with us for people to do pink shirt selfies.”

He says many children already know what to do and where to go to get help for bullying, but there’s still a stigma associated with ‘telling on’ someone.

“We tell kids ‘you’re not telling on people, you’re just passing on information’. I want kids to know that it’s okay to ask for help and to know that someone can help you.”

To those considering adding a little more pink into their wardrobes, Bryan says: “Just do it”.

“Bullying happens everywhere so, by taking an active role in PSD, you’re showing that it’s always okay to ask for help.”

Photo: Western Leader 

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