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Waikato Place is more than just an address for Anne.

It's become a community; a place where young and old alike look out for one another, celebrate together and support each other through the tough times.

Anne and some of her immediate neighbours organised the street's first Christmas party and over the past five years, street parties have become an annual event.

In 2014, they heard about Neighbours Day Aotearoa and had their street party during the weekend of 29-30 March.

Supportive neighbours

Anne is pleased to live in a quiet cul-de-sac and to have such supportive neighbours.

It's a community where she feels safe, cared for and valued. Anne is someone who definitely gives of her time to others.

She and a neighbour manage the street address book and ensure that everyone's details are regularly updated.

They welcome new people to the street - some who may be renting and only there for a short while are always included.

Keeping in touch

There are outside friends of this street and they too come to the annual party, as well as past residents who stay in touch.

Each year Anne creates a little book with photos and stories of the party to share with every household to keep as a memento (Anne pictured with her 2014 book).

Anne says the more people care for each other, the more likely neighbours are going to live in harmony.

Thanks to Neighbours Day Aotearoa for allowing MHF to re-publish this story and images.

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