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Kate Webster

For Christchurch teacher Kate Webster, playing the Wellbeing Game is a timely reminder to wake up and smell the roses – and a host of other fabulous floral delights!

“While we were playing we’d go for daily walks and stop and smell the daphne and the jasmine,” says Kate, who was an enthusiastic part of Waimairi School’s Room 20 team.

“We’d notice the blossom and lengthening days too.”

The fun, interactive online game asks participants to join a team and log the time they spend practising the Mental Health Foundation’s Five Ways to Wellbeing – Give, Be Active, Keep Learning, Connect and Take Notice.

Teams can watch as they climb the national leader board, and be in to win some great prizes.

The Five Ways make a real difference

The Five Ways to Wellbeing are proven to make a real difference to people’s mental health – something Kate can attest to.

“I felt a lot more appreciative of the small things in life after playing the game,” says Kate.

“I normally try to do this but the game brought these aspects to my consciousness.”

And Kate’s also taken one of the Five Ways to Wellbeing – Keep Learning – to heart in a major way.

“The game has made me aware of the positive effects of being interested in learning and next year I’m going to do some university study.”

Rewarding for all involved

Quite aside from being more conscious of her mental health, Kate says being part of a team, in her case comprising her students, was rewarding in itself.

“I enjoyed watching the way my students made connections to their lives and how they could appreciate the small gifts in their lives. They noticed that learning at school, being with friends and family, and exercise all helped their feeling of wellbeing.”

After the success she found playing last year’s game, Kate’s determined to do even better this year, and to use every possible opportunity to incorporate the Five Ways to Wellbeing into her life.

“I am convinced that we can construct our own sense of wellbeing. The Wellbeing Game provides a sound scaffold for this. I love it – I think everyone should give it a try!”

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